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Terrified of the high commissions for GrubHub?

Food ordering portals, such as GrubHub, collect commissions from each order made by your customers!

In this way, you reduce your profits and you begin to wonder if you can afford food deliveries at all.

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Launch your own online food ordering system!

As a GrubHub alternative, UpMenu will help you run your own online ordering system, for which you pay a small monthly subscription fee. No commission, no contractual penalties! Add an active menu to your website and say goodbye to high commissions!

Keep customers on your website!

You no longer have to send customers back to order on a portal. After clicking the “order online” button they will see your menu as an internal part of your restaurant page!

Ninjagrill on desktop
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Get closer to your customers with your restaurant’s mobile application!

Your customers like to order GrubHub via apps? Give them your mobile app to your restaurant as an alternative for the portal application!

Build customer loyalty and increase sales with push notifications!

Your customers remain your customers

Unlike ordering on GrubHub, your customers will remember the brand of your restaurant, not the portal.

All contact information they leave when placing orders will belong to you. In this way you will create your own customer database with marketing contact consents! It will be yours, not ours.

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Promote your products like never before!

The UpMenu system as a GrubHub alternative gives you completely new marketing tools so that you can have a real impact on the number of orders flowing to you! Use without limitations:

  • automatic opinion collecting
  • discount coupons
  • cross-selling and up-selling
  • advanced promotions module
  • loyalty program
  • email, SMS, and PUSH campaigns
  • marketing automation

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