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UberEats alternative

Increase your restaurant’s profitability, brand awareness and customer retention by opting for this UberEats alternative

Count how much you can save

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You can save so much by launching your own ordering system instead selling by portal.


Convert hefty fees into profit

Ever since Uber brought the ‘surge pricing’ concept to food delivery, food ordering marketplaces have quickly followed UberEats’ lead to increase food order commissions.

Restaurants are paying as much as 30% commission to UberEats. Save all that money by switching to an UberEats alternative.

Increase online orders without increasing commission

Did you know digital ordering and delivery has grown 300 percent faster than dine-in traffic since 2014?

Unlike popular food ordering applications, UberEats alternative doesn’t charge you for every order that you take.

Build an engaging website

Your website is not static. Instead, it comes equipped with interactive menus, online ordering facility, and checkout pages.

With the ability to capture your audience and book your orders at the same spot, your online ordering system is all you will ever require to engage your online audience.

Reach out to your consumers

Why do all the hard work only for major food ordering marketplaces to benefit from the consumer data?

UpMenu allows you to document consumer data for your own brand. Whether it is about launching a new food item or announcing a promotional campaign.

Change the menu at any time

Restaurants need to up their marketing game in order to woo modern consumers. With major online food platforms, the best they can get is a higher rank in the endless list of restaurants.

Opting for an UberEats alternative, not only gives you a tailored platform but also equips you with marketing tools.

Always be visible

Do you know people spend 87% of their mobile usage time on applications instead of web?

With an UberEats alternative, you can also enhance your visibility by building your very own application! Whenever your consumers feel like ordering food, they will be reminded of your restaurant.

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