We have gathered the best restaurant website characteristics that will contribute to increased number of orders at your restaurant. Use these practices to create a successful restaurant website.

Appearance and usability

1. A good design will match the restaurant image

The graphic design of the best restaurant websites matches the restaurant’s style. They have to draw attention but cannot overwhelm the customer. They have to realize what makes your restaurant stand out immediately. This way you will gain their recognition.

best restaurant websites

2. Simplicity and transparency

When accessing the restaurant website, the customer has to see the key information immediately. Contact details and the menu along with an online food ordering system should be easy to find. Thanks to this, you will increase online order conversions and earn more.

3. Call to action

The best restaurant websites must feature a clear call to action. In the case of restaurants, this can be, for instance, an “Order online” button.

When you build a restaurant website remember that your customers must see such a CTA clearly. This will convert into greater profits.

best restaurant websites


4. Responsiveness

A restaurant website must be responsive. 80% of customers order food only through mobile devices. (source) If the restaurant website is displayed badly on a smartphone screen, it will contribute to a reduced number of food delivery orders you will provide.

best restaurant websites

5. SEO friendly

When you develop the best restaurant websites, don’t forget about their positioning in online search engines. Let customers find you easily. Websites built using UpMenu restaurant websites themes are SEO friendly, which means:

  • They are responsive;
  • They load quickly;
  • The can be integrated with social media and SEO plug-ins;
  • They feature an HTML menu;
  • They use ALT tags.

6. Easy editing

The Best restaurant websites feature a good CMS, which is a panel for content editing. This will make it possible to easily modify the website in any way, without specialised skills or having to employ an IT professional to introduce a simple change or make an update.

7. Speed of operation

Your restaurant website must load quickly. Otherwise, the customer will become irritated and won’t place an order, and you won’t make money.


8. Intuitive navigation

A few main sections will be enough if you want to have the best restaurant website: “Homepage”, “Menu”, “Contact”. A good division will make it easier for the customer to find what they are looking for. This way, they can place the order faster, and that is what you want to achieve.

best restaurant websites

9. Contact details

Remember to include the key details in a visible place on your restaurant website – a menu and an online food ordering system, telephone number, and address. If these elements are not present, your customers will be discouraged and won’t place orders.

10. Photos of food and interior

Photos are one of the key elements in presenting your restaurant and the food you serve. Make sure you invest in high-quality photos of your restaurant and best dishes.

Photos on the best restaurant websites should be virtually everywhere: on the homepage, in the menu, and separately as a photo gallery section. Customers should want to visit you or order food when they look at those photos.

11. Photos of the menu

The best restaurant menu themes make it possible to present meals along with photos, short descriptions, and the price. This way, customers know what they are ordering. Try the restaurant menu themes offered by UpMenu and create a restaurant website that will sell your products really well. Read more about taking photos of meals here Professional photos of your dishes without a photographer – is it possible?

best restaurant websites

12. Customer reviews

Opinions add credibility to your restaurant and emphasise its professionalism. Include several reviews on the homepage or in the menu. The UpMenu online food ordering system will help you collect customer reviews automatically, which can later be used to increase the number of food delivery orders.

13. Newsletter subscription form

An interesting newsletter will increase your profits. You can inform customers about new promotions and the latest products in this way. The best restaurant websites feature a newsletter subscription form. You can also take things one step further – the UpMenu system will develop a database of customers automatically. When customers place orders, they can grant their consent for marketing contact.

14. Up to date

The best restaurant websites always contain the latest information. Information about events that took place several years ago or outdated promotions will discourage customers. Update your restaurant website frequently, so that you don’t lose any food delivery orders.


Implementing all of the above features may be difficult for people who do not develop the best restaurant websites on a daily basis. Use the UpMenu restaurant website builder and easily build a restaurant website that will be self-sustaining.

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