When you want to build a restaurant website, you should choose verified solutions. 85% of customers look for restaurants online. (source) A well-developed restaurant website simply generates more profit.

Despite this, you can still find critical errors on such websites. See if your restaurant website has any mistakes. If yes, you will lose profit.

1. No contact details

Imagine a situation where a customer decides to order something but they can’t find the phone number or an online food ordering system. When you consider how to create a restaurant website, make sure you include your contact details. Customers will not be able to find you without them and you will earn much less.

2. No menu

The best restaurant websites must include a menu. They are useless without it and do not present any value to the customer.

A menu in PDF format will also not be a good solution. A file that a customer has to download scares them away as it takes more time to place an order. This has a negative impact on the quality of your services.

3. No prices or photos on the menu

The best restaurant menu themes include photos and prices. Delicious looking photos attract customers and encourage them to place orders. Presenting your prices evidences honesty – the customer should know how much they will pay right away. Choose one of the UpMenu restaurant menu themes and never lose customers who want to place orders.

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4. Music in the background.

This is a relic of the 1990s. Avoid it if you want to build a restaurant website in the 21st century. Music that is too loud and cannot be disabled usually irritates customers. It makes the customer want to close your restaurant website as soon as possible.

5. Complicated navigation

The customer usually looks for the menu, contact details or photos on a website. Complicated navigation makes it difficult. It should be simple and intuitive. It would be best if it redirected the user to the online food ordering system immediately. This way, a customer can place an order easily, which makes them happy with the service, while you earn more.

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6. Design of the restaurant website not corresponding to the restaurant brand

Everyone who has ever wondered how to create a restaurant website should adjust it to the restaurant’s individual character as the priority. An inconsistent concept may confuse the customer.

Try the best restaurant website templates from UpMenu which can be easily adjusted to the restaurant image. You can start selling food online much more quickly.

7. Website not adjusted to mobile devices

Choose only the best mobile restaurant websites. Incorrect display of the restaurant website on tablets or smartphones evidences that the customers’ needs are ignored. 80% of them use mobile devices when looking for restaurants. (source) Non-responsive restaurant websites themes will be useless to them.

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8. No call to action

Many customers are undecided if they are not motivated to perform a certain action. Consequently, they will close your restaurant website. Use a call to action, for instance as a button redirecting users to the online food ordering system. This way you can be sure to provide more food delivery services.

9. Outdated content

Photos from a carnival ball from 2011 will most likely not be interesting to anyone. There is nothing worse than outdated promotions that mislead the customer. If you want to create a restaurant website that will really build a positive image, update its content regularly.

10. Ineffective positioning

When you build a restaurant website, you should ensure its proper positioning in online search engines. Ineffective positioning reduces the chances of your website being displayed in search engines more often, which translates into lost profit.

The UpMenu restaurant website solves this problem. A website developed with UpMenu will be SEO-friendly.

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11. Overwhelming graphic design

Certainly, you have come across restaurant websites where the layout is overwhelming and draws the customers’ attention away, resulting in a reduced number of orders placed.

12. Absence of customer feedback

The best restaurant websites should include customer reviews. This will be the so-called social proof that visitors look for on websites prior to placing an order. You will make more money thanks to customer reviews. The UpMenu food ordering system will help you earn more automatically. See how to do it here Automated restaurant ordering system – automate your restaurant.

13. Difficult to edit

When you build a restaurant website, ensure that it can be edited easily. When it’s not easy to edit, your work will be more difficult, while your customers will face frequent errors and technical breaks.

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14. No possibility of signing up to a newsletter

A well-designed restaurant website should have the possibility of subscribing to a newsletter. This is a great marketing tool that will increase sales, helping you earn more. You can also use the UpMenu online food ordering system which which automatically builds a newsletter database.

15. No statistics

No possibility of collecting statistics regarding site visits and order conversions can make your activities difficult or even impossible. Make conscious decisions using data provided automatically by the UpMenu system, and earn more.

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When you think about how to create a restaurant website, be sure to avoid such mistakes. Otherwise, your restaurant website will not generate as much profit as it could.

Use the restaurant website builder and the best restaurant websites themes to develop an effective website and online food ordering system.

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