For effective restaurant marketing, it is very important to be able to prepare a post or advertisement on social media redirecting users to a given product. Use a link that will help you redirect customers to a given meal instead of your entire menu.

Imagine you want to carry out a promotional campaign on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Pizza Day or even Camembert Cheese Day (yes, such a day exists!), but you lack ideas for execution. The UpMenu system provides a ready recipe on how to plan restaurant marketing activities using promotion of certain dishes.

Step 1. Promote a given product on your website

The UpMenu system provides a direct link to each product on the menu. You will find it in advanced settings, in the product editing window in the menu section.

This will create huge possibilities for you! You can activate customers so that they order less popular meals more often, or the opposite; increase sales of your most popular dishes. Create special promotions and refer customers to a particular dish.

The possibilities are unlimited. Compared to food online ordering portals, you can decide what activities to conduct within the scope of restaurant marketing and how you will best use this feature for your business.

Select products can also be promoted on your website after accessing the menu section. Thanks to the UpMenu system, you can set special pop-ups to promote a given dish.

Step 2. Creating a Facebook post

Facebook is one of the key promotional channels in today’s restaurant marketing. Use it to promote the products of your choice.

This way, you will increase their sales and your profit. It would be best if you do it before lunch time so your customers can order the meals you suggest to be delivered to their office!

Step 3. Sharing a post on Instagram (with link in the BIO)

Instagram is another great place for promoting dishes. Thanks to the popularity of photos with food shared on this social medium, it is another great channel for restaurant marketing. If you want to find out more about promoting a restaurant on Instagram, read the following article: Is an Instagram profile the key to success for restaurant online marketing?

Instagram does not allow you to post links in the photo description. Hence, it is a popular practice in this medium to post links in the account bio.

Step 4. Preparing an SMS campaign

Another method for increasing sales of a particular product from the menu is announcing in an SMS or email campaign. The UpMenu system enables this to be done in an easy way!

In your administrative panel, in the Marketing section, you can find modules for sending newsletter campaigns. Use them to increase your profit! In the case of using SMS campaigns, you should shorten the link. You will find tools online for shortening links.


  • You will promote only those products you care about the most (e.g. those that provide the biggest profit margin and help you earn the most).
  • Increase the number of online orders and hence your profit.
  • Your offers will reach the biggest number of customers on social media.
  • Your customers will save time – they won’t have to find the product you recommend in the menu.
  • You will increase customer loyalty and, if they are happy with the meal that you recommended, they will certainly order another one!


The UpMenu system features many functions that will help you with online restaurant marketing activities. Using direct links to dishes in the menu, you can affect sales of particular products. When you combine this with a promotion on social media as well as SMS and email campaigns, you will increase your profit.

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