It is important that the process of ordering food and its implementation proceeds as quickly as possible. That’s why restaurateurs are increasingly launching their own example of online ordering system.

Progressive technological changes have had a significant impact on the lives of consumers. Shopping habits and expectations towards producers are changing. This also applies to expectations regarding the culinary market. Check example of online ordering system.

Online food ordering system on restaurant website, burger photos and orange "order" buttons.

There are many companies on the market that provide such a solution for restaurants. For egzample, in the form of a subscription service, UpMenu system. You can also find dedicated offers created for a specific establishment or even restaurant chains ordering systems. How to choose the right one for you?

How does online food ordering system work?

You do not know how yet does example of online ordering system works? The food ordering system allows your customers to order food online directly from your menu on the restaurant website. Thanks to the intuitive leyout menu, the food ordering system for the restaurant, the customer can place the order really fast. You can easily pick them up at the restaurant. You can also, for example, start online reservations.

1. Complete online food ordering system should correspond to the image of your restaurant

UpMenu will give you a complete way to organize an online ordering system online.When you’re choosing a company that provides you with online food ordering, make sure it corresponds to the image of your establishment. If you are building a website or a mobile application that allows customers to order online, their appearance must match the visual identification of your restaurant’s brand. See example of online ordering system.

Sushi restaurant website with online food ordering system and sushi photos.

American restaurant website with online food ordering system and photos of dishes.

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2. Simple and quick ordering – online ordering, first and foremost, must be useful for all of your customers

When deciding to purchase online food ordering system, pay attention to the ordering process from the client’s side. It is important to split it into as few steps as possible from the moment of choosing a dish to finalizing the order. The menu should be arranged in a clear way. The online shopping cart should clearly show the summary of the order.

Customers also expect the possibility of paying quickly online. It is important that your online ordering system is integrated with an operator for quick online payments. Online menu ordering system have to be integrated with online payments.

3. Ordering system should also be useful for you

Ensure that the example of online ordering system you choose is easy to use when it comes to receiving orders. It also should has additional functions and integrations with the systems you already use. Additional features that can greatly simplify your work. It can bring much more profits from online orders:

  • Integration with POS systems, analytical tools, social media. Thanks to which the online food ordering system service will be easier and the results more measurable.
  • Marketing functions, such as the ability to send email and SMS campaigns, marketing automation settings and running loyalty programs. This will help you build and maintain customer loyalty.
  • Automatically build a customer base with consent for marketing contact. This will be your property and you can use it freely.
  • An extensive promotion module with the possibility of creating discount coupons. This allowing you to easily set any promotions that increase your sales using online food ordering.
  • Running quick online payment, so you will not lose customers who do not have cash.

Restaurant Facebook page with online food ordering system. In the pictures, pizza can be ordered online.

4. Costs of online food ordering – should be much less than ordering through a web portal

Various solutions of this type available on the market have different features and generate different costs. Remember to always refer to the actual value that a given system gives you.

Building your own online food ordering system is a big, one-off cost, although (contrary to popular opinion) not the only. Each solution requires some maintenance, implementation of improvements and subsequent versions. Therefore, even your own dedicated system generates operating costs. Food service ordering systems should make money for you.

Billing model examples for online food ordering system:

example of online ordering system


It’s best to choose a subscription solution for food service ordering systems. After launching, the restaurants pay a monthly fixed amount, independent of the value of orders. Maintaining the system itself, its improvement and adding new functions is included in the subscription amount.

When you choose online food ordering system for your restaurant, remember that it’s consistent with your restaurant’s image. Example of online ordering system should be useful for both your customers and you. Additional functions and integrations will facilitate the work of your establishment and marketing activities. Read our article How does online ordering system works.

If you want to launch complete online food ordering system, contact us! We are happy to help you sell food on the Internet.

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