Almost one in two adults eat by themselves at least from time to time (46 percent, according to The Hartman Group’s Food & Beverage Occasions Compass). This is without doubt an impressive number of hungry customers. Clever restaurant owners cannot afford to miss this fact in their restaurant marketing plan.

We prepared 5 restaurant marketing strategies which may help you gain more benefit thanks to focusing on lone guests. In the end, you will also find an interesting curiosity. Let’s read this article and learn how to develop your food business this way in no time.

1. Use the bar

Some individuals eat by themselves because of some or other reasons but they still enjoy the company of others. Therefore, they do not feel relaxed while sitting alone at large empty tables.

For example, some people prefer waiting for their order at the bar. This way, they can have a friendly conversation with a barman or other guests. Make sure that your bar is big enough to let at least a few customers comfortably sit there and eat.

2. Offer shared tables

It is not always possible to fit all the single customers at the bar. An alternative solution would be to invite guests to a table shared with other guests. In this way, single people would have a nice opportunity to talk with some new and interesting individuals.

What is more, you will be able to use the space in your restaurant more efficiently. Keep in mind that shared tables may be a great idea, but the staff needs to know how to present it to customers in the right way.

3. Provide customers with entertainment and attention

According to Forbes (source), people enjoy reading or watching their favorite TV programs while eating alone. Your customers also expect a fun experience while having a meal at your restaurant.

For example, Japan steak houses prepare meals in front of the guests to keep them entertained. Thanks to solutions like this, customers associate the specific restaurant with a pleasant time. Moreover, it is also a nice way to overcome more traditional competition.

Another one of our restaurant marketing strategies is to simply pay attention to each of your guests. A polite question and nice complement do not cost you anything and can actually be very valuable when it comes to gaining customers’ loyalty.

4. Time is of the essence

Many single customers are often in a hurry. Some of them may be on a business trip so they just want to eat something delicious quickly and go back to work. Make sure you remember this while creating the menu.

You can also use online restaurant marketing to offer more convenient solutions to lone eaters. Single people are often interested in food delivery or take-out dishes. Choose a modern online food ordering system such as UpMenu to make these options possible for customers online.

5. Discounts for singles

A lot of restaurants offers special discounts for people who order a few meals at once. You can show your single customers that you are different and care for them just as much as for groups. How?

Offer extra bonuses for dishes which are meant to be eaten just by one person. You can easily create such promotions thanks to the intuitive UpMenu system. Have you ever wondered why does your restaurant need a promotion engine in an online food ordering system?


Now you know a few new restaurant marketing strategies, it is time for an extra curiosity.

There is already an interesting project called EENMAAL which focuses on creating interiors designed for singles. Who knows, maybe opening a restaurant with such creative organization could be your next successful business?


Lone customers paradoxically are a large group nowadays. Restaurant owners should not ignore this fact.

Bigger bar, shared tables, more entertainment, fast service or special discounts? Decide which of these restaurant marketing strategies will work most efficiently at your place of business and put the ideas into action.