You do not have to be a restaurant marketing specialist to know that a food business cannot survive without customers. The most valuable ones are obviously those who just love your eatery and visit it regularly. How can you gain the loyalty of the many hungry customers? The Six restaurant marketing tips described below will help you with this important question.

1. Remember to say “hi”

Make sure every customer feels nice and special in your restaurant. Staff should welcome guests with a smile and a warm and sincere “Hi, how are you?”

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and honest care. Positive energy and a homely atmosphere really do have the power to attract customers.

2. Small talk plays a big role

Your restaurant is a place where people want to enjoy their meal and relax for a while.

It is a good idea to start a conversation with your customers. Just remember to be kind and do not overwhelm anyone with long stories from your personal life. You may talk about simple things like current weather or upcoming holidays.

Try and remember the names of loyal customers – they will appreciate it. Treat people as friends and not just like clients in order to build strong relationships.

3. Reward loyalty with free gifts

The third of our six restaurant marketing tips is to prepare small yet thoughtful presents for your customers. A free chocolate chip cookie or a tasty coffee will make them feel special and grateful.

Yes, you have to give some products at no cost in order to go for this tip. However, you need to realize that you win something much more valuable – the loyalty of your customers. The rewarded individual will most likely visit your place again in the close future. Moreover, there is a good chance that this person will recommend your restaurant to some of their friends.

4. Take care of your online customers

You should appreciate people who regularly step into your restaurant but there is also another loyal group who should not be forgotten – online customers. It could be difficult to make small talk about the weather with them but it doesn’t mean that you can’t show them that they are important.

Regardless, you can take care of online customers by using an online food ordering system. For example, give a free cup of coffee or costless hamburger for every person who makes three orders online.

5. Special discounts for special occasions

Successful restaurant online marketing needs to be focused on showing customers that they matter to you. In order to do that, you should remember these people during meaningful events in their lives.

Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day? Send your loyal customers extra discounts to make their celebration even happier. You can use the UpMenu system to create nice discount codes, such as ‘Tasty Birthday’ or ‘Merry Christmas’.

6. Be kind until the very last minute

Now it is time for the last but by no means least of our restaurant marketing tips. When customers are about to leave your eatery, don’t forget about a positive final impression.

You could send a waiter to ask whether the meal met your customer’s expectations or hand them a free cup of tea to drink at home. The possibilities are endless – choose something which will best fit the style of your restaurant.

Extra tip

Loyal customers are the ones who often decide to reserve a table before their visit. You should make it as easy as possible for them and one of the useful options to consider is creating an online reservation system.


Your restaurant cannot exist without the customers. You should especially appreciate the loyal ones. Consider using some or all of the restaurant marketing tips from this article if you want to help customers to love your eatery. Read more about restaurant marketing in our article Restaurant marketing tips of how to win millennials, the most commonly seen customers.

Above all – always remember to be kind, respectful, and caring. Free gifts and discounts are also great ways to win the hearts of your customers for a long time.