The fact that customers want to order food online is nothing new. Over 80% of them are searching for restaurants on the Internet. Having an online food ordering system for restaurants is already standard practice.

There are, however, a few key practices that will help you generate more profits from online ordering and make your investment pay off. Simply connecting to the online food ordering system for restaurants may not be enough.

1. Will you handle more orders from online food ordering system for restaurants?

Before you even launch online ordering in your restaurant, make sure you have the potential to process more orders. If you start online sales without proper preparation, caring for the amount of raw materials and personnel, it will do you more harm than good.

Insufficient staff will be frustrated by the excess of work, and customers will be irritated by the long waiting times and rejected orders. The restaurant customers will also suffer. Your profits will fall instead of rising.

2. Make it easy to order

Your customers don’t like to think too much when they’re hungry. If you tell them to look up the ordering options on your website, they will give up and order from another restaurant.

On your restaurant website, customers should immediately see a button with a CTA clearly pointing to a tab from the menu, e.g. “Order online”. It is also good practice to change the tab name from “Menu” to “Order online”.

online food ordering system for restaurants

3. Run online data-driven sales 

Do you know what’s really cool about an online food ordering system for restaurants? That you have continuous access to all your online sales data. You can use this to better plan work in the restaurant and adjust the menu to the tastes of your customers.

By analyzing the data provided by the ordering system, you can focus on the dishes that customers choose most often and promote them accordingly. Exclude those that don’t sell and target more tailored marketing campaigns to your clients.

4. Shorten the menu and earn more

The data on how often individual dishes are ordered can be used to shorten the menu in the online food ordering system for restaurants. A shorter menu means a number of benefits for your business.

First of all, you will increase the quality of the served dishes. A smaller menu means less inventory in the restaurant, more frequent deliveries of fresh products and lower costs. According to USA Today, the top 500 restaurants in the US reduced the number of menu items by an average of 7.1%. (source)

5. Examine the optimal price level

Having access to accurate sales data, you can examine the optimal price level for your dishes. Change prices periodically and check how much your customers are ready to pay for the food from your restaurant. Thanks to such A / B tests, you will increase your profits.

6. Photos will increase sales

Use food photos in your online menu. Customers like to see what a dish looks like before ordering it, and good food photos will make them even more hungry! Increase your sales in this way.

7. Remind your customers about yourself

Do you know how marketing automation works? An online food ordering system for restaurants sends messages to your customers in specific situations, all by itself.

You can use this function, for example, to activate customers who haven’t ordered anything for some time. In this way, you can influence the number of orders placed online in a real way.

online food ordering system for restaurants

8. NEVER send customers to an external portal

Since you have launched your own online food ordering system for restaurants, you can stop directing customers to external food ordering portals. It’s like leading the customers out of the restaurant through the back door.

You need to pay a lot more for orders placed through the portal than for those which customers place directly on your website. In addition, you face huge competition on the portal! What if the customers order elsewhere?

Always direct customers to online ordering on the website in all your advertising materials on social media, on the premises, and with the telephone orders.


When selling via your restaurant website, use these practices to increase your profits and reduce labor costs. Remember, all the changes you introduce should be made with your client in mind. It’s them who should find placing orders with you easy, quick, and pleasant, and of course, the quality of food and the meal delivery should be the very best.

If you are thinking about starting or changing your online food ordering system for restaurants, try UpMenu. You can test it for free. Check how great this solution really is!

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