Santa Claus is coming to town… soon so many of us have already started thinking about Christmas.  During this season people organize plenty of parties with tasty food. Therefore, they often look for a high-quality online food ordering system.

This is a great opportunity for your business. How can you encourage a number of customers to make an order from your restaurant? You will find eight effective tips below.

1. Reveal the benefits of your online food ordering system

Many companies organize Christmas parties this time of the year. However, workers are usually very busy and do not have enough time to look for the best catering. Therefore, you need to show everyone that you offer just what they want.

Focus on advertising your food as perfect for Christmas parties. When it comes to successful restaurant online marketing, you may find  UpMenu system very useful.

2. Prepare special offers

In order to catch the interests of your potential customers, make sure to create some special Christmas offers.

For example, you may give people -15% discount when they order 3 large pizzas. UpMenu system will allow you to make such an extra offer in no time.

3. Come to everyone with Christmas

You should use at least a few different sources of advertising in order to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Administration panel at UpMenu online food ordering system allows you to share your special Christmas offer through the newsletter, SMS and push (available in apps).

4. Christmas discount

Create a special Christmas discount code with a catchy name, such as “Merry Christmas”. You can share it on social media with warm Christmas wishes. This will make your restaurant seem nice and caring.

5. Organize a contest

People enjoy contests where they can win a real prize. Therefore, such an idea will help in building positive associations with your brand.

The task for customers may be “come up with the slogan which describes both the restaurant and Christmas”. What about the award? The winner could receive a coupon for free online ordering.

6. Reward loyalty

Loyal and engaged customers are a real treasure when it comes to restaurant marketing.  Christmas is the best time to show these people that you appreciate them very much. How can you do that?

Create a special loyalty program using UpMenu system. For example, you could offer an extra discount to customers who have spent 50 USD in the restaurant. It will encourage a lot of people to order from your place more regularly.

7. Advertise with Facebook and Google AdWords

You may also think about using AdWords and making an advertise on Facebook. After clicking it, the customers should be sent directly to a special Christmas offer. It could be available exclusively on your online food ordering system.


8. A gift card from Santa Claus

Gift cards are especially popular in clothes shops. However, why would you not use this idea also in your online food ordering system?

Christmas season is the time when everyone is looking for one of a kind gifts for the nearest and dearest. Convince your customers that a special voucher for your restaurant will be a perfect present for a person who enjoys tasty meals.


Christmas is the time of the year when your restaurant may get an extra amount of orders. All you need to do is to develop the food ordering system and create a special offer in Christmas spirit. Read more about online ordering system in our article: 9 advantages of online food ordering for restaurants.

Among others, you need to focus on advertising and reaching a big number of potential customers. Give away many discount coupons and reward loyalty. UpMenu system may come in handy during your restaurant’s Christmas refreshment.