Every new year always comes with fresh ideas. Which of them could help you improve your restaurant business? It seems like 2019 will be a year of interesting news about digital ordering systems for restaurants using android.

The truth is, no business is able to really grow without clever innovations. Therefore, make sure you don’t miss any upcoming trends. You will find five of them in this article.

Focus on Millennials

As Nilsen.com will tell you, 98 percent of Millennials aged 18-24 own a smartphone. When it comes to people aged 25-34, the number is almost as high at 97 percent. (source)

Representatives of generation Y use their phones in many different situations on a daily basis. Social media, websites, apps… People seem to depend on technology more and more.

Make sure that your restaurant is properly prepared for the expectations of these Millennials. They expect their digital ordering system for restaurants using android process to be simple and intuitive. Moreover, many customers of this generation do not have time to wait so, they really appreciate quick service.

digital ordering systems for restaurants using android

Connect with customers

Fast Casual reveals that customers want to order quality meals. Moreover, their food is supposed to be delivered to them right when they need it.

People are often too busy to, for example, prepare a healthy lunch by themselves. However, this does not mean that they do not seek an opportunity to eat valuable meals.

Do your best to offer exactly what your customers desire. This way you will gain their loyalty in much less time. Check here to discover 4 restaurant marketing tips to learn how you could collect and take advantage of customer feedback.

Choose a flawless online delivery

It turns out (according to orderTalk survey results) that more than half of adults from the United States are dissatisfied with the online ordering system which they use. Your restaurant should not be another one which causes such an unpleasant disappointment.

Start with finding out how a good online ordering system works and what its benefits are – simply read this informative article. Then, choose a system which will actually be appreciated by your hungry customers. For example, the UpMenu system would be a great pick because it guarantees a food delivery experience that is both effortless and quick.

digital ordering systems for restaurants using android

Data gathering

Big foodservice companies are very well aware of the importance of the data about their customers. The more you know about them, the more appealing the dining experience you are able to offer.

No wonder so many food places make an effort to gather and analyze information such as customer purchasing history, feedback published on social media, etc.

Collected data allows restaurants to learn more about what their customers really think about different solutions for digital ordering system for restaurants using android. Thanks to this, business owners know what they should change if they aim to develop further.

“No” to food waste

We know that humans waste a lot of food, but have you ever heard how much? The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reveals that one-third of total food produced for human consumptions gets lost or is wasted every single year.

After learning these facts, it should not be a surprise that food waste apps are becoming more and more popular nowadays. For instance, Food for All sells left over meals from local food places with a 50 percent discount. This smart solution makes it possible for hungry individuals to buy food at an affordable price from many famous restaurants. Run a digital ordering system for restaurants using android.

digital ordering systems for restaurants using android


Start your digital ordering system for restaurants using android improvements as soon as possible in order to overcome competition and observe a real increase in sales.

Don’t be afraid of making changes because there is nothing better for your business than going for new solutions. The odds are already in your favor – according to Fast Casual, the foodservice market will grow13 percent over the next 5 years.

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