Cooperation with food delivery portals, at first glance, seems to be very beneficial for restaurants. Therefore, many restaurateurs decide to cooperate with them. Food portals help the establishment for a short time:

  • reach many people,
  • win new customers,
  • significantly increase online sales.

However, when the enthusiasm of the first sales results decreases, smudges appear on the previously glorified image of the portal. Why are restaurant owners increasingly looking for an online food delivery portal alternative?

Decrease in restaurant positioning in Google results

Online food portals can significantly increase the number of orders flowing to your restaurant. However, this is done at the expense of its brand, and Google search results push your customers to order through a portal.

In the first few positions they see the portal’s advertisement, not your restaurant’s website. This is done through aggressive AdWords campaigns run by portals.

Every time customers see a link to a portal at the top of the search list – they order through it and the portal charges a commission from you. If you had an alternative, this money could go to your pocket.

High commission costs

The rule is simple – the more you sell, the more you pay. The commission costs, which in some food portals reach up to 30% of the order value, go up indefinitely.

Besides, if you want to increase your sales further, you will offer customers a special promotion. If you add the commission cost to the portal, you will find that you do not earn anything!

You lose contact with your customers via portals

When your customers order food through a portal, they leave their contact details with consent to receive marketing content. The only problem is that they do not leave them to you! This portal can send them advertisements (including ads of your competition!). You do not have the right to use them.

You do not like the behavior of portals? Look for alternative! If you run UpMenu system, customers will leave this data with you! You will be their administrator and the decisions about what content is allowed to get to them will be yours! Read more about it in our article: Looking for food ordering portal alternatives?

Enormous competition on online food delivery portal

A portal is not a shop with your food. This is a huge hypermarket where the products of competing restaurants stand on the shelves next to your products!

Every customer can view these products, compare prices,and choose them. If they find something more interesting or cheaper – they will order from someone else. Or maybe they just do not want to scroll down the screen. Then, they will order from someone who is higher in the search results.

Online food portals and fake websites

Some portals, in the contract, reserve the right to create a “fake” restaurant website. Such a site is not owned by the restaurateur, but generates orders for his establishment. Of course, these are the same orders as on the portal and the restaurateur must pay a commission from them.

Addiction to the portal

When you cooperate with a food ordering portal, you will count on as many orders as possible. This will generate you huge commission costs. So you will want to have even more orders to earn more. But this, in turn, will make the commission grow even more! In this way you will lock yourself in a vicious circle, from which you will find it very difficult to get out without an appropriate online food delivery portal alternative.


To sum up, when you organize online sales in your restaurant remember that in order to enter into cooperation with a portal to order food you need to take care of an appropriate alternative online ordering system. See our food ordering portals alternative.

Only then will you control the costs of online sales and you will remain independent of the portal. If you want to learn more about this issue and run UpMenu system, contact us!