Restaurant customers want to order food online and that’s a fact. According to statistics, in 2019, the expected revenue from online food delivery will amount to USD 3.810 billion. Food delivery from restaurant to customer seems like it will be the biggest and most profitable sector (source).

If a restaurant offers delivery, it is worth making it possible for current and potential customers to order food in the simplest way possible: an online food ordering system with a restaurant website and mobile app.

1. Launch an online food ordering system on your website and mobile app

The UpMenu system is evidence that online food ordering does not have to be expensive and time-consuming. Do you want to have your own website and mobile application offering online orders? We can adjust their appearance to your restaurant brand and introduce all necessary menu details. UpMenu can also be available on your Facebook page so that your customers can order food without leaving social media.

See examples of restaurants that decided to launch an online food ordering system not only on the website but also in the mobile app:

Let’s look at data – one of UpMenu’s customers, a chain of several restaurants increased its profit by half a million dollars within a year. During this period, you can be sure the restaurant did not achieve such results while cooperating with food ordering portals. The new system provides 124% more orders (2844 vs 1152), 154% higher profit, and 15% higher average value per order then on online food ordering portals.

Sushi Kushi

The Sushi Kushi restaurant chain that launched the online food ordering system a restaurant website a few years ago. Last year, they also began selling online through the restaurant mobile app. In this way, they increase sales and improve work in their restaurants.

online food ordering system

Sushi Home

This restaurant features a sushi ordering system on their website and in their restaurant mobile application. More about the history of this restaurant can be read in the case study entitled “Promote your online food ordering system just like the manager of Sushi Home”.

online food ordering system

Pizzeria Little Italy

A restaurant with a pizza ordering system in their mobile application and on their website. Read the article entitled: “How to make money on an online pizza ordering system – the case of Little Italy” to find out how this restaurant started their adventure with online orders.

online food ordering system

2. Notify your customers about the online food ordering system

To make your customers order online, you first have to tell them about this possibility. You can leave a note on your website or include a pop-up that will inform visitors about the latest special deals (e.g. 10% discount for the first order). Write a post on your Facebook profile, prepare flyers and packaging with information about the possibility of ordering food online.

What should you do after launching [online orders]? Read more details in our e-book – link and in the following article: 6 things you need to do after launching an online ordering system.

online food ordering system

3. Build your newsletter database and launch a loyalty program

The UpMenu system enables you to build your own customer database automatically, with consent for marketing contact. This will make it possible for you to send SMS, email, and push notifications to them and all from the administrative panel.

A restaurant loyalty program will help you in developing loyalty among your customers while they collect stamps or points for each [online order] placed. Read more in the following article: “Restaurant loyalty programmes – build customer loyalty and earn more”. If you own a restaurant mobile application supplied by UpMenu, your customers can collect points or stamps for orders placed in your restaurant.

Such activities lead to the acquisition of new customers, while existing customers will order more and more often. Thanks to the online food ordering system, you will increase sales while your profits multiply.

online food ordering system

What else?

After launching the online food ordering system and undertaking the first activities, you should take advantage of the full potential of the UpMenu system. What to do? How to plan your work? What further steps should be taken? Read more in the e-book entitled: “10 steps after launching an online food ordering system”.


Launching your own online ordering system on the restaurant website and in the mobile app can be really quick. Use the UpMenu solution and enjoy profit from selling on the Internet! Contact us and we will be happy to help!