The biggest trend in social media when it comes to restaurants this year is the Facebook food ordering system. Every restaurant owner offering online sales should focus on 3 aspects of expanding their business:

  • Reaching as many people as possible,
  • Developing a database of customers,
  • Selling food in large quantities!

Including online ordering in the restaurant’s Facebook profile may turn out to be very helpful in increasing the number of orders. Why is it so?

Benefits of Facebook food ordering with the UpMenu system

Ordering from your restaurant while browsing Facebook – your customers won’t have to leave the page to place an order!

Faster path to online orders – redirection to another website or mobile application will no longer be necessary! Customers can place an order while still on Facebook, so they will do it more often!

You can easily present all your meals – due to the possibility of adding photos to the menu, your products will sell better than ever, and you will earn more!

Quick and easy method of ordering for your customers – can you imagine an easier ordering process than through Facebook? Your customers will be astonished by the possibility of such interaction with the restaurant on social media!

You will increase customer loyalty significantly – while we’re talking about astonishment with the method of ordering – is there a better way for building customer loyalty than their strong engagement on Facebook? Loyal customers order more meals and more often, while you will have to handle more work!

Information about online orders will reach many people – every time your customers react or comment in a post, a notification will appear on their friends’ timelines. When they access your profile, they will notice the “Buy Now” button immediately!

How to implement the food ordering system on Facebook?

Implementing the Facebook food ordering system sounds complicated but it doesn’t have to be that way! How to launch sales of food on the restaurant’s Facebook profile and start earning more? Instructions on how this can be done can be found in the article entitled in our Help Centre.


Offering food ordering on social media will certainly become more and more popular, and you can gain really big benefits, such as brand recognisability, customer loyalty and more profit. Read more about restaurant Facebook page in our article: Effective restaurant online marketing with a Facebook page.

This is perhaps one of the easiest methods for effective marketing on Facebook. If you would like to launch your own online ordering system, feel free to contact us!