28.6 million people in the UK regularly order food through online food ordering portals (source). GrubHub is one such portal. Cooperation with such a portal comes with large benefits but it also creates serious threats. That’s why finding a Grubhub alternative is so important.

This way you can become more independent. During cooperation with an online food ordering portal you will gain a proper position for negotiating the conditions. Your own online food ordering system is the perfect alternative.

High commission costs

The costs of commission for a food portal can be significant. Furthermore, they can increase as the number of orders increase. You pay a percentage from their value; the more you sell the more you will have to pay.

When you launch a GrubHub alternative in the form of the UpMenu system you will only pay a small amount of monthly subscription. When you refer your customers to your own online ordering system, you will be able to further reduce commission costs.

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Launch your own GrubHub alternative

An Online food ordering system is an opportunity for conscious and effective development of online sales. This way, your customers will be able to order food online and you can save on commission paid to the portal.

Additionally, you will obtain a set of marketing tools that will contribute to increasing your profit! Launch the [UpMenu system] and benefit from the following:

  • automated collection of customer reviews
  • discount vouchers
  • cross-selling and up-selling
  • advanced promotion module
  • loyalty programme
  • email, SMS, and push campaigns
  • Marketing automation.

Attract customers to your website restaurant website

When you launch a GrubHub alternative you can finally stop redirecting your customers from your own restaurant website and restaurant Facebook page to an online food ordering portal.

You should promote your website and online orders. There are many competitive restaurants on such portals. You can never be sure that a customer will not change their mind and order at a different restaurant when you redirect them to a food ordering portal. Build your brand online together with the UpMenu system.

Build your own customer database

Thanks to an online food ordering system, you can generate a newsletter database automatically. Each of your customers will be asked for consent to marketing contact when they place an order.

It’s important to note that you will be the owner of this database, not the food portal. This way the portal will no longer send promotional materials of other restaurants to your customers.

Promote your own online orders

With a GrubHub alternative you can finally start fully promoting your own online orders. Use the entire marketing potential offered by the UpMenu system and increase your profits.

You can impact the popularity of particular products by promoting them on social media and on the restaurant website. Use marketing automation and encourage customers who have not ordered anything for a while to place orders. You decide what activities you undertake.


The UpMenu system, as a GrubHub alternative, will contribute to limiting commission costs and increasing your profit thanks to selling food from your own website and a mobile application for restaurants.

Read more about cooperation with online food ordering portals in the article entitled: Disadvantages of listing your restaurant on online food portals. If you would like to launch your own GrubHub alternative, please don’t hesitate to contact us!