An average American family spends $3,000 for food orders per year. Millennials spend on average 44% of the monthly budget intended for food on eating in restaurants. At the same time, competition in this market is increasing. So, how to convince your customers to eat at your restaurant?

The pre-order option is gaining more popularity. It enables you to order food via an online food ordering system in advance so that after your customer comes into your restaurant, the food is ready immediately. You earn more selling more food and they don’t have to wait, it’s the ideal solution!

Why should you encourage your customers to pre-order?

Satisfied customers are loyal customers

Every restaurant owner wants their customers to be satisfied. Happy customers will return to your restaurant more often so, you can develop strong loyalty for your brand in them.

Loyal customers order more and recommend your services to others. You increase your turnover and earn more. As production increases, fixed costs drop. You simply start making more money.

You will be closer to your customers

An Online food ordering system responds to the basic needs of people who want to order food:

  1. They can do it online.
  2. Placing an order is quick and easy.

Just imagine! Your customers can place orders wherever they are. At home, at work or in the park. Whenever they feel hungry and want to eat at your restaurant, they can pre-order food through the online food ordering system.

Why will a pre-order online food ordering system increase your sales?

Your customers won’t have to wait for their order at the restaurant. They will skip queues and save themselves plenty of time! They will be very grateful for such a possibility.

Satisfied customers order more and more often. This is how the turnover at your restaurant will increase!

Benefits of pre-orders for your customers

Imagine one of your restaurant customers. Let’s call him Bob. Bob is a finance employee and works in an office 20 floors above your restaurant. He goes out to grab a quick lunch every day, but he is really irritated because he has to wait for food at the restaurant.

Recently, Bob was told about your restaurant by a friend who said that it is possible to order food in advance through the online food ordering system in the restaurant mobile app. He wouldn’t have to wait anymore for lunch to be prepared at the restaurant. Decided to try this solution out. Was surprised at how much time he was able to save!

Time is money. Today, it is even more expensive than money. We are all in a rush. The pre-order option in the restaurant ordering app will make it possible for your customers to order faster and more conveniently. They don’t have to wait in a queue and later at a table for their food to be served.

Benefits from pre-orders for you

The online food ordering system with pre-ordering will help you earn more – that part is obvious. We have already written about it so, what else? Better organised work at your restaurant thanks to pre-ordering:

  1. The work of your team will be better organised and more effective
  2. Orders can be accepted 24/7, even if the restaurant is closed
  3. There will be less orders abandoned when it comes to online payments

This will make it possible for your team to provide better service to a larger number of customers at your restaurant and prepare more orders for take-out or delivery. Again, this leads to you earning more!

You can also forget about mistakes when taking orders. Did it ever happen that your employees made errors in order details being in a rush during busy lunch hours? Now, all the information about ordered meals can be found in the administrative panel of the online food ordering system.


Pre-ordering will help you increase profits at your restaurant and will improve the work organisation of your employees. It is important that your online food ordering system offers this function. Read the following article: Food ordering apps and pre-ordering systems and see how it works!

Try out the UpMenu system and earn more on orders placed in advance. We will be more than happy to help you with organising pre-ordering online!