More restaurant owners are deciding to launch their own online ordering system for their restaurant. Why? Check our online ordering system definition and check how does online food ordering system work.

We have written about the advantages of online ordering  on a restaurant website and online ordering system definition  in article 9 advantages of online food ordering for restaurants. What is it all about? How best to start?

Easy implementation and fast launch

The online ordering system definiotion is the simplicity of operation. The UpMenu System can be tested free of charge for 14 days. Create your account easily and include all information regarding your menu. Upload the ready code to your website and you’re all set! Your own online ordering system is ready! Use this app to sell food online.

The “MENU” section will change from traditional to an active section. Your customers will have an easy option for placing orders for food delivery or take out at your restaurant. The food ordering system allows your customers to order food online.

Choose a subscription model to suit and enjoy greater numbers of orders. We are certain that you will also limit the commissions passed on to online food ordering portals, if you cooperate with such portals.

Online ordering system on a restaurant website, with photos of boulders and orange "order" buttons.

Facebook – an additional sales channel!

From now on, your Facebook profile may be more than just an advertisement tool. You can launch a Facebook online ordering system!

Thanks to the above, customers will place orders at your restaurant without leaving social media. This will have a positive impact on orders at your restaurant, and hence your profits.

An order submitted directly to your restaurant

All orders are submitted directly to the administrative panel in the UpMenu system where it is easy to accept them on your tablet, etc. If you hear a loud notification sound, it means that another customer is waiting for food!

Simple acceptance of orders

The online ordering system definition will enable you to accept orders with just one click, without the need for your team’s involvement in answering phone calls and noting down order details. All the relevant information can be found in the administrative panel.

If for some reason you cannot execute the order, it is possible to reject it. This can also be done with one click. A window will be displayed where you can specify the reason for rejection.

Dashboard online ordering system with screen for receiving online orders, order data and "accept", "reject" buttons.

All orders in one place

The UpMenu system will let you see the full order history of each customer at any time! This will make work easier when, for example, you want to give special discounts to particular customers.

Automated collection of reviews

From now on, your customers can leave reviews immediately after placing their order in the UpMenu system! You are the only person with access to such feedback in the administrative panel.

Order assessment screen in online ordering system.

If a negative comment appears, it won’t be visible to everyone as is the case on social media or food ordering portals. The problem can then be resolved directly with the customer, without everyone getting to know about it.

Building your customer database

Unlike placing orders on a portal, a customer making an order on your website will leave their contact details along with a consent for marketing communication on your website. This way, you will build your own newsletter database.

Newsletter subscription form for online ordering system.

New marketing possibilities

After launching an online food ordering system you will gain access to completely new marketing possibilities! Take advantage of the following, without limitations:

  • Module for sending SMS, email, and push campaigns
  • Possibility of creating loyalty programmes
  • Marketing automation
  • Advanced promotion module

Food promotions on the restaurant website with burger photos.

This will help you impact the number and value of orders. From now on, you can decide how to promote your restaurant!

Benefits of an online food ordering system

Launching your online orders will mainly help you with the following:

  1. Increasing the number of orders
  2. Increasing the value of completed orders
  3. Reducing the amount of commission for food ordering portals
  4. Simplifying the restaurant’s service


If you launch the UpMenu online ordering system on your website, you will be able to accept orders in a very simple way. It’s the easiest online ordering system definition. Your telephone line will no longer be constantly busy, and you will not have to pay high commission fees to food ordering portals. You will gain many new marketing possibilities, while your customers will certainly appreciate this simple way of ordering food. Such an application is really easy to use.

If you still wondering how online food ordering system works, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be more than happy to help and explain to you online ordering system definition.