3 in every 5 customers ordering form a takeaway service do so online. (source) Launch a takeaway ordering system. Let customers find you on the internet and give them the possibility of ordering from your takeaway service conveniently.

At the same time, it will simplify the process of ordering at your restaurant. Forget about a busy telephone line during rush hours. From now on, you can take all the orders in a simple way. How does the takeaway ordering system work?

takeaway ordering system

Launch the ordering system in just moments

UpMenu makes it possible to launch the takeaway ordering system quickly and easily on your restaurant website. If you don’t have one yet, you can develop one yourself! Read more about this in our article entitled: Restaurant website builder – create a great website and earn money thanks to online ordering.

Launch the UpMenu takeaway ordering system and see just how great a solution it is. At first, all you have to do is enter your restaurant data and menu. Then, you can connect the takeaway ordering system to your restaurant website.

In the “MENU” section on the restaurant website, your products will appear with the possibility of ordering them online. This way, the takeaway ordering system turns your website, which has only generated costs until now, into a new sales channel.

takeaway ordering system

Placing and collecting orders through the takeaway ordering system

A customer can simply add products. You can also have an impact on how much they order thanks to additional features in the takeaway ordering system that recommend products and extras on the menu.

When confirming an order, the customers chooses takeaway as the method for processing the order, specifies their data, payment method, and date. They will also be asked for their consent to marketing contact. If they express such consent, you will be able to mail campaigns to them thanks to the additional marketing features of the UpMenu takeaway ordering system.

takeaway ordering system

The order can be seen immediately in the administrative panel of the UpMenu system. You can collect it on any device with access to the internet, however, it will be most convenient to use a tablet or iPad. When you receive the order, you will hear a sound notification.

You can accept or reject the order in a simple way in the takeaway ordering system, with just one click. When you accept an order, you inform the customer of the processing time. When you reject it, you give the customer a reason for rejection. The customer receives such information in real time.

takeaway ordering system

The UpMenu takeaway ordering system will automatically ask your customers to issue an opinion regarding the ordered food. The opinion will be submitted to the administrative panel and will only be visible to you. This is an early warning system that will notify you about any problems before the crisis is discussed on social media.


The takeaway ordering system will let your customers place orders in an easy way. They will no longer be irritated by a busy telephone line during rush hours or by mistakes with orders. Better quality service will generate more orders. Customers will simply buy more products and more often through the takeaway ordering system.

At the same time, the simple process of collecting orders as well as the additional marketing and analytical features of the UpMenu takeaway ordering system mwill make it possible for you to organize your employees’ work better and save time.

Try out the UpMenu system free and find see the benefits for yourself.

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