Ordering food directly from a restaurant’s website is becoming more and more popular. However, creating a dedicated online ordering system for its owner can be problematic. Check how to create an online food ordering system.

Advantages of building a dedicated online ordering system for restaurant

Let’s start with the advantages of creating your own system. A dedicated online ordering system for restaurant is software built by programmers for a specific establishment enabling its customers to order food from a website. Restaurateurs often indicate its advantages. But, is such a solution really worthwhile?

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1. One-time cost

We often hear that someone prefers to incur a higher cost only once and then have such a solution to use for free. The problem is that the use of even your own system is not free.

Costs generate system maintenance and updating. No software will run indefinitely without making improvements. Additionally, you pay for each function or change you want to enter into the system. Professional systems available on the market as subscription solutions are streamlined and changed several times a week!

2. A system created for your needs

An unquestionable advantage in the case of building online ordering system for restaurant is the possibility to completely adapt it to your needs. However, the greater your needs, the higher the cost of such a system.

You must also remember that you do not know what functions will be necessary in a few months or a few years. If you need something else, you will need to change the software, which will generate additional costs.

Disadvantages of building your own online ordering system

If you wondering how to create an online food ordering system and do not have a lot of free time and advanced technical skills, buying a dedicated solution can turn out to be very problematic and expensive to operate. This solution requires maintenance work to function properly.

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1. No support

By purchasing a dedicated ordering system you will receive a ready product without any additional support and service. You will have to pay for all changes and maintenance.

2. Limited functions

Any solution built in a few weeks or months simply cannot have complex and extensive functions. However, they are necessary for the system to work well and meet your expectations.

Such functions often develop over years of system operations under different conditions. Only then can you determine whether the system works properly and is reliable regardless of the situation.

3. High costs of building a solution

Even taking into account only the price of building an online ordering system, with no future costs, is simply a very expensive solution.

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1. UpMenu

Instead of thinking how to create an online food ordering system for your restaurant, use the advanced UpMenu solution available on the market. You can easily match them to your establishment! See how it works: 9 advantages of online food ordering system.

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You will pay a fixed, low subscription, not a high cost to build and maintain the system. The fee will contain all necessary elements:

  • support,
  • extensive sales functions,
  • new marketing tools.

Also, remember that you can run the UpMenu system in your restaurant even in one day and the construction of new software will take up to several months. Nevertheless, the UpMenu solution will still be much more advanced.

2. Ordering.co

Ordering.co is another solution. You can install this online ordering system on your website, and customers will be able to order food in a simple way. Ordering.co also has a native mobile application.

The system is not dedicated only to restaurants. You can successfully use it for groceries, wine, laundry, catering services, gift stores, etc. Many new features will support you in your daily work on generating as many orders as possible.


If you are looking for an online ordering system for your restaurant, forget about building your own solution. It will be much easier for you to implement the UpMenu system on your restaurant’s website.

Thanks to this, you will save and increase the number of orders. Contact us, if you want to know how to create an online food ordering system. We will be happy to help you run your own online orders!

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