With an online food ordering system, your restaurant can gain more customers while the loyalty of your existing ones can be increased. UpMenu enables you to launch sales through a number of different channels. Set up an online ordering system along with a website and mobile application supplied by UpMenu. You can also offer online orders on your Facebook page.

How to set up an online ordering system

Visit www.upmenu.com and create an account. You will be redirected to a website where you can choose an amazing template for your restaurant’s website. You can easily match it with the image of your brand. If you already have a website, you can launch online orders more quickly.

Then, specify the relevant information about your restaurant. Fill out the fields with address, business hours, and choose delivery zones. To complete the process, create the menu by adding dishes and extras, if required. Keep in mind that customers eat with their eyes first, so it is also well worth adding some clear and natural photos of your food.

When you use UpMenu, you can set up an online ordering system for restaurants quickly and easily. Let your customers order food in a variety of ways. Besides making the online food ordering system available on the restaurant website, we also offer the possibility of launching your own mobile application, the benefits of which are described in 6 reasons why you need a restaurant mobile app, as well as the option of Facebook online ordering.

how to set up an online ordering system

Launching an online food ordering system – the benefits

You will gain time

When you offer food delivery through your restaurant website, mobile application or Facebook page, you will not only save your time and your employees’ time but also the customers’ time. Due to the fact that you can launch your own online orders easily and quickly, you will encourage your customers to order food online more often and more eagerly.

How to set up an online ordering system for restaurants without technical assistance

You don’t need technical skills to have an outstanding website for your restaurant, adjusted to its brand image and offering online orders. Thanks to the UpMenu system, you can choose a template from among the large selection available, specify the restaurant details, and create the menu yourself.

All of this can be done from one place and each step in creating your website, along with an online food ordering system, is highly intuitive and easy to complete, making it possible to configure it yourself.

how to set up an online ordering system

You can start immediately and achieve higher profits quickly

When you launch your own food ordering system, you will have a real impact on how often your customers place orders. If you decide to choose new sales channels, it is almost certain that the number of online orders will increase immediately, and your profit will increase as well!

You will have more online orders

If you want to know how to set up an online ordering system for restaurants on various devices and open up new sales channels, UpMenu will help you with this. You will quickly increase the number of food delivery services. Don’t forget to notify your customers about the new methods for ordering food. Create a post on the Facebook page, add a note on your restaurant website as a section with current special deals, or even a pop-up window.

An example of a company achieving significant growth is “Tre Orsi”, one of our happy customers. How to achieve their success? Find out from the following article: A restaurant mobile app that gives you over an 80% increase in the number of online orders.

how to set up an online ordering system

You will save on portals

Find an alternative for orders made on portals. Don’t let a portal dictate the terms and conditions. Your own online orders will guarantee independence and make it possible for your customers to place orders from your website or mobile application. Reduce your commission outlay by redirecting your customers to your own online food ordering system, for which you will only pay a small subscription fee.

You will give your customers what they need

If you don’t have your own online food ordering system, it could be said that you are not responding to your customers’ needs, you can be sure they love to order food through the Internet. Present your best points and follow trends. Today, offering a restaurant website and mobile app making it possible to place online orders is really a must-have.

You will be able to set up an online ordering system with online payments

The UpMenu system makes it possible for you to accept online payments from customers. Due to the ease and quickness of such payments, they are chosen by 30% of restaurant customers. For them, and for your employees, this is a big convenience and simplification.

how to set up an online ordering system

You will learn the opinions of your customers

Automated collection of reviews is a very useful feature for a restaurant. Customers’ opinions are submitted directly to you. You can respond to them quickly and you will also find out about their expectations in terms of food and services.


If you are wondering how to set up an online ordering system for restaurants, you have to be aware that your restaurant will only gain from it. You will increase sales, earn more, and limit the costs of portals. You will have an opportunity to move ahead of your competition and organise your restaurant’s work in a better way.

You can achieve all this with UpMenu! All you need to do is set up an online ordering system along with a website for your restaurant and a mobile application, then launch online orders on your Facebook page.