96% of customers use discount vouchers. (source) They are a great idea for increasing the quantity and value of online orders. A restaurant online food ordering system will help you create and provide discount vouchers for your customers. They will then contribute to increasing your profits.

Creating vouchers is simple

A discount voucher is usually a string of digits or letters, or simply a short word that entitles the customer to obtain a discount. The UpMenu online food ordering system enables you to create vouchers in just a few moments.

When you use a restaurant online food ordering system you can set any code to activate the voucher and also choose random characters. The discount will be applied automatically to the customer after the code is entered during order placement in the online ordering system on the restaurant website or mobile app.

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Distributing discount vouchers


Flyers and local press are one of the most popular methods for distributing discount vouchers. Nevertheless, they are the most expensive methods and are hard to measure.

However, flyers combined with the UpMenu online food ordering system will help you check the effectiveness of such promotional campaigns in a given zone. All you have to do is create different discount codes for particular zones but with the same promotion. In the UpMenu system, you will see where orders using particular codes were placed.

Social media

When you offer discount vouchers, you can increase the number of food delivery services thanks to social media. As in the case of flyers, you can check which portals attract customers the most through your restaurant marketing.

Create a separate code for each portal. In the UpMenu system, you will see which code was used the most often. This way, you can plan your marketing activities more consciously and focus on more effective channels. Don’t forget to add a link in the post to your restaurant website from the online food ordering system, to make it easier for your customers to place orders.

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Restaurant website

A discount voucher can also be made available on your restaurant website. If you have developed your website using the UpMenu restaurant website themes, you can do it even more easily. Publishing a discount voucher on your restaurant website will work extremely well if you have a lot of visits and also offer an online food ordering system.

SMS and email campaigns

SMS campaigns are one of the most effective channels of restaurant marketing. Text messages are opened by nearly 100% of customers. The UpMenu system will make it possible for you to produce an SMS campaign with a discount voucher code. Everything can be handled in one place, allowing you to save time and money.

At the same time, you can also plan an email campaign. The percentage of open emails is significantly lower, but it can still generate measurable profits. When you use the UpMenu system, you can also send email campaigns similarly to SMS campaigns.

Easy and effective mailing of campaigns with the use of the UpMenu online food ordering system can be ensured by the automatically-built newsletter database. Your customers grant their consent for restaurant marketing when they place their orders.

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How will discounts make your profit increase?

Offering discount vouchers occasionally will encourage your customers to place orders more often and try your delicious cuisine. This way, you motivate customers who only order from time to time, and you reward those who order more often.

At the same time, the advance features of the UpMenu online food ordering system make it possible for you to grant discounts only for certain products or orders with a higher value. Your customers will simply have to order more to be able to obtain the discount. This is one of the best practices of restaurant marketing.


Use the potential of an online food ordering system in your restaurant marketing. Increase profits with food delivery thanks to online orders and discount vouchers. Keep in mind that if you offer discount vouchers too often, customers will become used to them and will only place orders when special deals are available.

Find out more about discount vouchers from UpMenu in this article: Discount vouchers – give them to your clients and earn more online.

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