There is always too little time for everything at a restaurant. You have to work as fast as possible and ensure proper customer service. We understand that and it’s the reason why you can collect online orders made through the UpMenu system quickly thanks to the order taking app.

This way, you save time and money for yourself and your employees. You don’t need any additional device for managing online orders, all you need is a smartphone, it doesn’t take up much space and, usually, everyone has one.

order taking app

Download the order taking app and make your work easier

Apps for restaurant owners should help you and your employees save time and organize work in a better way. The UpMenu order taking app contains all the necessary features for quick and easy management of an online ordering system.

It is available for iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is download the application for your smartphone and log into it. When someone places an order at your restaurant, you will receive a sound notification. Click “Accept”. The customer will be immediately notified about accepting the order.

Thanks to the UpMenu order taking app, order acceptance will take much less time. You no longer need an additional system at the restaurant for daily management of online ordering.

order taking app

All the key features are available

Besides accepting and rejecting online orders, the UpMenu application provides all the key features of an ordering system.

Automated order printing

Integration of the UpMenu order taking app with a receipt printer connected via Bluetooth will make it possible to print online orders automatically, immediately after their acceptance.

This will make work easier because the receipt with order details can be provided to the chef immediately so that you don’t have to record anything from the screen.

Managing availability of products in the menu

The UpMenu application will also make it possible to manage product availability in the menu in a quick and easy way. As a result, you can react immediately when you have used all the ingredients for a particular dish; you can instantly make that dish unavailable in the menu. You no longer have to log into the UpMenu System on your desktop computer to do this.

order taking app

Making payment refunds

When you reject an order already paid for online, you have to make a refund. This feature is available in the order taking app, making it possible for you to make convenient refunds with just one click. Once again, you save time.

Adding points in a restaurant loyalty program

Thanks to the order taking app, you can also add points for your customers in the loyalty program for orders placed with the restaurant. In this way, you will build loyalty and save time – you don’t have to log into your desktop computer.


Use the UpMenu order taking app to simplify the process of accepting online orders and manage online ordering on an on-going basis, in a quick and easy way. This app for restaurant owners will save you time and the time of your employees. To learn more about creating an application for your restaurant read more here

Download the order taking app and see how easy it is to manage online orders in your restaurant daily. If you still haven’t launched the online food ordering system, you can do it in just minutes. Start your free trial today!

What are the key features of order taking app?

Automated order printing – print automatically accepted orders on a connected printer.

Managing products in the menu – Instantly change product availability in response to the current situation.

Making refunds – conveniently refund customer payments with a single click.

Managing points in loyalty programs – award customers with points to grow loyalty.

What systems is order taking application available on?

You can download version of order taking app for Android and iOS.

Launch an online food ordering system
on the restaurant website