When you have a big competition – and you do for sure if you own a restaurant – you have to find ways to approach to your customers. Android restaurant online ordering system is one of them. Since it’s an investment, before you make a decision about getting it, you should get all the information about it – read the following article to find out more.

Embrace the power of mobile devices

Everywhere they go, your customers carry a mobile device. Usually it’s a smartphone, but sometimes also some other device. Each of these customers could have an android restaurant online ordering system in their pockets and you can enable them to have one of these – it’s up to you. After all, you’re the restaurant owner and soon you can be an owner of a restaurant with big online sales.

Mobile application for restaurant for Android devices

Okay, so you’ve made a decision about getting an online food ordering system – you should get one that is compatible with Android devices, like UpMenu system. There were almost 108 million smartphone users in the United States in 2016. Just think how much this number will grow in the near future! Take advantage of this trend, arm yourself with a good online food ordering system before your competition will.

Android restaurant online ordering system

Unbelievably fast food ordering

Just a tap on the screen – this is how much effort an online order takes when you use UpMenu system. Once your customer downloads your restaurant mobile application, they don’t have to do much more to actually get some food. Click-swipe-click – and the chosen meal is on it’s way. It’s not simplified, it really is that simple!

Android restaurant online ordering system

Appearance adjusted to the branding of your restaurant

As a customer walks into your restaurant, they are instantly teased by the smells. You don’t get to tease yoru customers that way when they use android restaurant online ordering system, but you can always go the other way and show them a sample of your restaurant. It’s possible when you use UpMenu system – you can adjust your restaurant mobile app as you will: upload the photos, change the colors etc.

Android restaurant online ordering system

Online payments

Americans admit that they use online payments whenever possible – for example more than 90% of them used this method to pay their bills at least once. It’s no surprise – this method is very convenient, also when it comes to restaurant mobile application. You should get an android restaurant online ordering system that is already connected with online payments. Dont’s scare the customers off with lack of this method of payment.

Android restaurant online ordering system

New possibilities with push notifications

Push notificiations are brilliant – they gently tease your customers with your restaurant’s offer without being pushy. The customers who already got the restaurant mobile application receive short messages about special offers, new tasty additions to the menu and seasonal dishes. Push notifications are kind of like a reminder: hey, this restaurant is cool and serves something good today, let’s make an online order!

Android restaurant online ordering system

Even more marketing!

Building customers loyalty and brand’s popularity is not an easy job. Luckily, UpMenu system gives you all the tools you need for that purpose. This online food ordering system is more than just about selling online – it’s also about promoting your business.

Android restaurant online ordering system

Managing a restaurant chain

Having a handful of restaurants could be… well, a handfull, but not when it comes to online food ordering system. With UpMenu system you can handle them all – upload the pictures and texts and do it just once, not for each of your restaurants separately.

Android restaurant online ordering system


You’ve already got the taste of how delicious android restaurant online ordering system. Remember, the text you’ve just read was merely an appetizer. Learn more about possibilities that online food ordering system can give you – read our next article: 9 advantages of online food ordering for restaurants.

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