It is no surprise that these days technology is used more and more often for daily tasks. For example, statistics show that as many as 72% of searches for the best food establishment are conducted on mobile devices (source).

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This fact is very meaningful, especially for anyone who wants to create a successful restaurant marketing strategy. Restaurant mobile applications are transforming the restaurant industry in a truly significant way. Perhaps it could also help you develop your own food business.

Mobile app for restaurant ordering – an even more popular solution

1 in 4 users has at least one mobile app for restaurant ordering downloaded on their phone (source). Moreover, there will most likely be 2,71 billion smartphone users in 2019 (a rise from 2,53 billion in 2018, (source).

How have restaurant mobile apps changed restaurants?

Delicious food, polite staff, beautiful interiors – all these things have a big influence on how your food business prospers. However, you should also remember to including technology in your strategy for development.

Consider going for a mobile app for restaurant ordering which could provide your business with more benefits than you might have imagined. What are the advantages of such apps?

mobile app for restaurant ordering

Customers can have the food delivered whenever and wherever they want

People more and more often find themselves too busy or exhausted to prepare their meals themselves. No wonder 20% of U. S. residents order food delivery at least once a week (source).

If you have a mobile app for restaurant ordering, this solution is both simple and effortless. Customers are able to satisfy their hunger at their chosen place pretty much 24/7.

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1. Online ordering

A well-created app makes it possible to place an order both quickly and in an uncomplicated way. The mobile app offered by the UpMenu system will let your customers use online ordering.

mobile app for restaurant ordering

2. Opinions and statistics

The Mobile application for restaurants from the UpMenu system allows your customers to write feedback about their experience with your business. Such comments are sent directly to the administrative panel where you can read them and react (if necessary) before any possible crisis reaches social media.

Moreover, in the UpMenu system, statistics are generated automatically – you can make more conscious decisions based on them.

mobile app for restaurant ordering

3. Promotion engine

An application together with an online food ordering system is very useful when it comes to preparing extra promotions which can create a big rise in your sales. Creating special discounts is one of the top restaurant marketing tips to make sure customers love your restaurant.

The UpMenu system will let you, for instance, offer a discount for the second product or for an order exceeding a specific amount.


According to survey results published by, 35% of responders use an app to order food for pick-up or delivery. (source) Moreover, as many as 25% of survey participants chose to make a reservation at the restaurant with their mobile device.

Has your restaurant business already made it possible for customers to use a mobile app for restaurant ordering? If not, it would undoubtfully be a great idea to take a step into the world of technological development right now.

Still not encouraged enough? Learn more about the creation of a mobile app for restaurants.

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