A tablet restaurant online ordering system might not sound like an absolute necessity to you – but probably, just a few years ago, you had similar feelings about having social media accounts or a website for your business. Step it up a little with a mobile app to get some new customers – but first learn something about possible alterations to your online food ordering system.

Catch up with technology

Every business has to be modern to be successful. At a time when we never let our phones, laptops, and tablets out of our hands, restaurant owners should be aware of how much profit they can make using an up-to-date online food ordering system. A restaurant mobile app is an investment that really pays off – and here’s why.

Ordering food has never been easier

Statistics show that more than 6% of orders are made via a restaurant mobile app and over 80% of restaurant owners invest in an online food ordering system – these numbers are, of course, growing. It’s no surprise that innovations like UpMenu system are becoming more and more popular.

Using a tablet restaurant online ordering system is super easy and food delivery is very convenient for the customers. It’s important to keep up with such trends, after all, the most important thing in this business is customer satisfaction.

Tablet with online food ordering app for restaurants, burgru photos and orange "order" buttons.

Unbelievably fast and easy ordering

As we are talking about a tablet restaurant online ordering system, let’s use the example of UpMenu; a tablet restaurant online ordering system based on UpMenu is amazingly easy to use – your customer is only a few taps away from making their order!

Since the whole thing is so simple, your customers will use it more often – tapping the screen is certainly a faster way to satisfy one’s hunger than grocery-shopping, looking for a recipe, then cooking and washing the dishes. The final calculation is pretty simple: the more your customers use your tablet restaurant online ordering system, the more profit you will make.

Mobile application adjusted to your restaurant

Using a tablet restaurant online ordering system sounds good, but only if you are able to adjust it to the character of your business. Every restaurant is different, and your customer has to know what it is that makes yours so special.

UpMenu system allows you to make your restaurant mobile application compatible with the uniqueness of your restaurant. When you use this system, you’re in charge of choosing proper photos, changing the colors of the app, and making it all about your business.

A tablet with different color versions of the online food ordering app for restaurants, "order" buttons.

Increase your profit with online payments

Wherever the tablet restaurant online ordering system goes, online payments follow – at least that’s how UpMenu system works. According to some surveys, online sales have reached 17.4% of all sales.

No wonder the numbers are so big (and so much bigger when you compare them to previous years) – a lot of people got used to paying online, because it’s completely effortless. If your customers aren’t able to pay for orders online – they won’t be your customers for long.

More online orders with push notifications

Not every online food ordering system has so many useful functions, like push notifications, fortunately, UpMenu system does. With this tool, you can easily get through to your customers and send them information about new products and special offers. The more information they get from you, the bigger the chance for you to gain their curiosity. Tease their taste buds with push notifications – it might increase your sales.

Tablet with online food ordering app for restaurants and push notification.

Even more marketing tools

As you start to use a tablet restaurant online ordering system and make sales online, you need some powerful tools to manage your restaurant marketing. UpMenu system provides you with these tools – use them wisely to gain more popularity, and more profit, too.

Entire chain in one application!

If you own more than one restaurant, perhaps a whole chain of them, you should have a system that can cover them all. If your restaurant downloads a restaurant mobile application, it should enable orders to be made from each of your restaurants.

A tablet with an online food ordering app for restaurants and a list of outlets for a restaurant chain.


Investing in a restaurant mobile application is a huge step toward success. You already know a few of the advantages so, make sure you know all of them – read the following article to learn more and make final decision: How does a restaurant mobile app with a delivery system work?