The online booking management system can really help you and your employees organise work in a better way and save time. Thanks to this system, you can forget about errors when customers make reservations and you can provide better services to them.

At the same time, the booking management system will attract more customers to your restaurant. Everyone looks for restaurants online. Let people find you and book a table right away.

How does the online booking management system work?

When your customers book a table through the online booking system, you will receive a sound notification. The reservation can be accepted or rejected with just one click.

Your employees won’t have to take calls or note down reservation details in a calendar. Were there ever any errors when noting details of reservations that irritated your customers? The online booking management system contributes to improving the quality of services at your restaurant.

online booking management system

The time your employees spent on accepting telephone reservations can now be used for providing better services to customers visiting your restaurant. Satisfied customers will generate more profit for your business.

Knowing how many customers you can expect from reservations, it will be easier to plan amounts of ingredients and the appropriate number of staff on a given day. This way, you can save money as better resource planning will reduce costs.

online booking management system

Pre-orders that will help you earn more

The UpMenu online booking management system gives your customers the possibility of making pre-orders. This means that they can order food and pay for it online, book a table for a specific time, and have the order served immediately at the restaurant.

Such a solution in the online booking system is not just convenient for your customers but also for you. And because customers pay online, you limit the risk of cancelled reservations. Additionally, you can provided services to customers faster. Tables are not blocked during rush hours because customers do not have to wait for food to be prepared. You can handle more customers and increase your profits.

online booking management system

The online booking management system – your friend when it comes to reservations

Thanks to the online booking management system, you can fully manage reservations at your restaurant. The online booking system contains a user-friendly calendar where reservations are saved from the restaurant website.

You can also use it to store reservations made by customers over the phone or at the restaurant. This way, you can manage all reservations in one place. You eliminate errors, save your time and the time of your employees, and plan your work in a better way.

Additional reports that the UpMenu online booking management system generates automatically will also help you with making business decisions based on hard data. Better decisions equal bigger profits.

online booking management system


Use the online booking management system to help yourself in your daily work. The UpMenu online booking system contains multiple features that will help you organise your team’s work better as well as plan resources and costs. Read more about this in our article entitled: 6 benefits of an online booking system at your restaurant.

Online table bookings is currently a must-have, expected by customers. Everyone wants to book tables online. Use the UpMenu solution which provides an effective online booking management system.

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