According to OpenTable Research, 86% of guests check the menu online prior to visiting a restaurant. 85% would like to know how much time it will take to prepare a dish of their choice and 83% would like to make a reservation right away. UpMenu online booking system will allow your customers to reserve tables at your restaurant online. The customers can also order dishes of their choice so that they don’t have to wait for their preparation at the restaurant! How does it all work?

Reservations directly through the restaurant website

When you launch an online booking system you will increase sales at your restaurant. Give your customer who’s looking for a restaurant online to go on a date the possibility of easy reservation through the internet. This will make it possible for you to have more customers at your restaurant, and hence increase your profits.

Pre-ordering, i.e. a reservation with an order made in advance.

One of the biggest problems for restaurant owners is discarded reservations. Customers call, reserve a table, and never show up. Pre-ordering and an online booking system can help with solving this problem.

Your customers will order meals with the possibility of consuming them at your restaurant. They also have the option of paying online. All you have to do is prepare the table and meal for a certain hour, the order is already paid for so, the customer will certainly show up.

Integration with any website

The Restaurant online booking system can be launched on any website. You will be able to easily adjust the reservation module to the website’s appearance. If you don’t have a restaurant website you can also develop one easily using the UpMenu system creator. You can read more about this in the following article Professional restaurant website for your business.

Simple acceptance of reservations

Together with the UpMenu online booking system, you will gain access to your own administrative panel. All reservations can be accepted or rejected by means of one click, on any device that has access to a web browser and internet.

This way, you can simplify your work and the work of your staff. Forget about the problems of a busy telephone line at the restaurant or errors when noting down booking details. Now, you can find all this information in the administrative panel.

Managing the online booking system

A restaurant booking system will also help you organise reservations made via the phone. Thanks to a user-friendly calendar, you will be able to add those reservations and manage them easily.

This will save your time, while your employees will not make errors and they will have less work. You will never make a double reservation for the same table!

Automated reports

The UpMenu system will generate a report for you within seconds, covering any given period and showing the list of reservations made. All information regarding the online booking system is stored in the administrative panel and you can access it any time.

This will make it possible for you to plan your activities better, employ more people or do the opposite. You are in control.


The UpMenu online booking system is not just a tool that will encourage your customers to book tables online. It is a comprehensive solution, integrated with your website and an online food ordering system, that will simplify the work at your restaurant.

You will no longer make errors when noting down reservations in a calendar. No more busy telephone line. Contact us and launch your own online booking system now!