Some might say that restaurant online marketing is hard, but it’s really not. Sure, there are rules to follow, and there are some tips that you should follow – they are presented below.

Never underestimate the power of social media

If your want to keep up with your customers, you have to know what they are looking for. Besides that you need to know where they are looking for it. The whole concept of restaurant online marketing is based on what you should present on the Internet, i.e. on social media, so you can’t put just anything on your profile or fanpage. Think twice before you release a new post, so that your restaurant online marketing doesn’t suffer.

Step 1: Get inspired

Using an online food ordering system, like UpMenu system, can significantly increase your sales, but it might never happen if you don’t know how to make the best out of it. The most efficient way to find out is to look for examples.

Learn from the best people in the business, observe how they change their posts in reference to upcoming holidays and try to figure out the unique style of each of them. It doesn’t mean you should copy what they do! But keep an eye on their posts so you can find your own way to create yours.

Step 2: Don’t post just anything – quality does matter

There is no way restaurant online marketing will help you make any profit, if you don’t do it right. Remember that if you don’t impress your potential customer with what you post on social media, they probably won’t even be interested in checking your online food ordering system.

As a social media user, you can’t help noticing that posts which include both text and a photo gain more attention than just text messages. The better the photo that is posted, the bigger the possibility that you won’t just scroll past it without giving it a second glance. The same goes for your business – you have to take good care of every little detail of what your customer sees in the frame. If you have any doubts about it, make sure to read the article: Professional photos of your dishes without a photographer – is it possible?.

Step 3: Make it a habit

Every restaurant owner wants their business to be remembered. However, the process of imprinting in one’s memory takes some time and effort. That means you have to look after your restaurant marketing all the time, not occasionally.

Your posts, if released regularly, can be a perfect reminder of the existence of your business. By showing up on your customer’s desktop or mobile device, you might just show up in the right place at the right time – just when they are getting hungry and thinking about a good restaurant to visit or order from.

Step 4: Show your menu

We all eat with our eyes first – it is a common fact. That’s why so many customers buy food even if they don’t feel hungry. They are tempted by its appearance more than the taste – because it gets to them directly, in just one glance. It would be a shame not to take advantage of ithis.

Teasing customers with your food’s photos is a very good restaurant online marketing strategy. Use it wisely. Ask your chef to prepare some specials from your offer, make an exhibition with a plate and take a good picture – so good that it will make your mouth water. Add to that the possibilities of the UpMenu system and you will get a recipe for bigger sales.

Step 5: Think about statistics

There is a way to measure the results of your restaurant online marketing – you have to learn how to check your statistics. It’s not difficult at all: the websites you use give you the numbers under everything you post on your social media profile. Compare them with your old posts, ask specialists for a piece of advice and draw conclusions about what your customers like and what they don’t respond to as much.


After reading these 5 tips, you should be convinced about how important it is to post some good photos on social media. Restaurant online marketing is nothing without putting this knowledge into action. Grab your camera and show your customers what you have in store for them.