Did you know that 85% of hungry internet users look for food online? (source) This is why you should have a restaurant website. Most aspects of our life are slowly moving onto the online world.

UpMenu will help you created an outstanding website that will be self-sustaining thanks to the online food ordering system. So, what possibilities are provided to your restaurant from a website prepared by UpMenu?

A very good and highly-effective restaurant website

If you want to develop your restaurant brand online in an effective way, you should offer a website. Social media profiles alone will not be enough.

A good online food ordering website will help you to increase the number of orders and hence your profit! A website must be self-sustaining. Once you start using UpMenu, you will no longer want your restaurant website developed by an external agency or web designers.

Restaurant website adjusted to mobile devices

Over 50% of traffic online originates from mobile devices. A website that isn’t adjusted to such devices will not be easy to use. Hence, those users will start to look for another restaurant, while you will lose customers.

Websites prepared with UpMenu will be fully responsive so that your customers can find the desired information or place an order easily.

Easy editing without technical skills

A Restaurant website must be updated regularly. You certainly change the menu frequently, add new promotions or information about business hours, etc. If you had to ask an external company to make those changes every time, you would have to wait too long.

The UpMenu system provides a tool that enables quick and easy editing. All changes that you introduce will be visible on your website immediately.

SEO Optimisation

UpMenu websites are search engine-friendly. They support SEO. Thanks to fast editing of content on the website, you can modify keywords freely.

This will enable your restaurant website, to appear higher on search engine results. This way, it will be easier for your customers to find you so that they can visit you and place orders more often, while you can earn more.

Free hosting and SSL certificate

Within the scope of a subscription to the online food ordering system, you will receive free hosting! This way you can make further savings because you won’t incur maintenance costs for running your own server.

Additionally, all websites developed with UpMenu include an SSL security certificate. Encryption of websites is very important, especially when you offer online payments for orders made through the website. Customers can be sure that their data is safe.

There are many modules for a restaurant website to choose from

You can pick one of many great modules and templates. Choose sections that you want to add, introduce the online food ordering system and online booking system.

UpMenu will help you build the restaurant website of your dreams and it will be self-sustaining.


A website is a very important aspect in the success of a restaurant. It will contribute greatly to building your brand on the internet and increasing profit. It is very important that you can edit it quickly and that it is adjusted to mobile devices. Read more about restaurant websites in our article Why do all restaurants need a restaurant website?

The UpMenu system will give you these possibilities and additionally, you will receive hosting and an SSL certificate within the subscription for the online food ordering system. If you would like to develop an effective restaurant website, contact us today!

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