A restaurant’s brand is more than just the name and logo. In these times of growing competition in the marketplace, leaving a trace of your brand in the customers’ awareness is an important factor of restaurant marketing. Use the UpMenu best food ordering websites and refresh your brand image.

Elements of a brand’s visual identity

As already mentioned, a good method for retaining recognition of a restaurant is to supplement restaurant marketing with a well-thought-out strategy for building its image. What elements is this strategy composed of?

  1. Logo – how should it be designed? It should be catchy. The graphical elements should remain in a customer’s memory equally as fast as marketing slogans. Minimalist is the answer – a logo cannot be composed of an excessive number of elements and colors.
  2. Color and letter styles – if your logo contains the name, be consistent and use the same font in all marketing materials. But that’s not all. The colors must also be consistent. Choose two or three, maximum.

When you already know what your key assumptions are in terms of the visual identity of your restaurant, apply them to the other elements: the restaurant interior, marketing materials, packaging and company gadgets (mugs, shirts, caps, lanyards, pens, and stickers), the best food ordering website and social media profiles.

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Start your restaurant marketing by refreshing the image of your restaurant

It is important to reach your customers effectively with a new image. For many of them, your website will be the first point of contact. What do you need to remember when creating a website?

  • Consistency – be sure that it features elements that correspond to the visual elements of the company.
  • Content – the appearance is not all. It is also important in restaurant online marketing to ensure descriptive and attractive content. Start running a blog, create social media profiles, and inform your customers about special deals and latest news.
  • Photos – you know that people eat with their eyes. Include photos of delicious meals on your website.
  • Mobility – be sure that the website is adjusted to browsing on smartphones and tablets.
  • UpMenu system – you will not always tempt your customers to visit your restaurant, but this doesn’t have to mean that you won’t sell them food. Thanks to the online food ordering system, your customers will order food to be delivered to their home quickly and easily and you won’t lose customers. All you have to do is set up an UpMenu account and choose your subscription plan.

best food ordering websites

Restaurant rebranding in a few steps

1. Choose one of the best food ordering websites themes

The UpMenu system will make it possible to easily develop a website by choosing a ready-made template for the best food ordering websites. You can then adjust it to the brand image of your restaurant and that’s how you can start building your restaurant’s brand online effectively

2. Launch online ordering

When the UpMenu system is available on the best food ordering websites, the restaurant will increase the number of food deliveries. This makes it possible to increase your profit and become independent of food ordering portals.

best food ordering websites

3. Restaurant mobile app adjusted to the best food ordering websites

Do you want more orders? Launch a restaurant mobile app that will be fully adjusted to the best food ordering websites. This way, you will generate more customer loyalty and you will be able to complete more food deliveries and takeout’s.

4. Consistent restaurant marketing activities

With one of the best food ordering websites, which will also feature the UpMenu system, you can benefit from completely new marketing tools that will help you develop a strong brand. A restaurant loyalty program, SMS campaigns, and all other elements of restaurant marketing can be adjusted to the best food ordering websites thanks to UpMenu.

best food ordering websites


Building brand awareness is a long-term process that requires a well-thought-out strategy and regular activities. It is definitely worth the effort because people love brands.

Choose one of the best food ordering websites themes and develop an outstanding website for your restaurant. Start building your image consciously. Read more about this in our article entitled Restaurant website builder – create a great website and earn money thanks to online ordering.

Launch an online food ordering system
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