Cooperation with an online food ordering portal can generate large benefits but it also comes with disadvantages. It is important that you do not become too dependent on one vendor and find a seamless alternative.

The value of the food market worldwide continues to increase. In the UK, the value of the food delivery market is anticipated to reach GBP 17.6 billion by 2021. Taking into account the fact that you pay a percentage of the order value to a portal, it is worth considering alternative solutions.

Limit the costs of commission for a food portal

Why is paying commission not the best form of settlement? Because the amount of commission increases endlessly. The more food your customers order, the bigger the commission you have to pay to a food portal.

With a seamless alternative  in the form of your own online food ordering system you can redirect customers from the portal. Thanks to this, you can limit commission costs. With the UpMenu system, you will only pay a small monthly subscription fee, regardless of the online order value.

Launch your own online food ordering system

You own food ordering system on the restaurant website and in the restaurant mobile app is a new sales channel that will help you increase the number of orders and hence your profit. Implementation on the restaurant website is very simple and it will also help you to quickly limit the commission costs for using a portal.

Your own newsletter database

At UpMenu, we believe that your customers are… your Customers. This is why the newsletter database that the system generates automatically is entirely yours. The case is different on a portal; the database is also generated automatically but the major difference is that it belongs to the portal instead of you.

When you possess your own newsletter database, you can send SMS and email campaigns to your customers, or PUSH notifications to customers who downloaded the mobile application for restaurant. Due to the above, you can increase your profit. This is why a Seamless alternative is so important.

Benefit from new marketing tools

Newsletter campaigns are not the only marketing tools that you will obtain when launching the UpMenu system. Plan new offers for your customers and benefit from the following:

  • automated collection of customer reviews
  • Discount vouchers
  • cross-selling and up-selling
  • Advanced promotion module
  • loyalty programme
  • marketing automation.

Don’t become too dependent!

When you own a seamless alternative, you gain a better position for negotiating cooperation terms with a food portal. Without it, the portal will apply its conditions and you have to accept them. If you cancel such a cooperation, you will not be able to accept orders from customers who wish to place them online.

The UpMenu system resolves this problem and is a great seamless alternative. All customers can be redirected to your own online food ordering system and you use the portal as a generator of new customers.


When you cooperate with online food ordering portals you should be cautious of increasing commission costs and the possibility of making your business too dependent on such cooperation. If you would like to read more about this, refer to the article entitled Looking for a food delivery portal alternative?

Launch your own Seamless alternative and start earning more on the internet! Contact us! We will be more than happy to help!