The more the merrier? It is not necessarily the truth, especially when it comes to restaurant menu. As it turns out, you may actually gain more customers simply by shrinking the list of available dishes.

Less means success

Many restaurants would give potential customers the world – in order to win their loyalty. Therefore, hungry people were for years welcomed by waiters handing out a long menu. Restaurants worked hard to create a rich offer which would meet everyone’s expectations.

However, soon it became apparent that a large number of different dishes with complicated names was not exactly what restaurant-goers truly desired.

Those, who understood it first, were the ones who quickly succeed. For example, let’s take a look at the famous American restaurant symbolized by Golden Arches. The truth is that McDonald’s won the hearts of millions and millions of people mostly thanks to simple burgers and french fries.

Restaurant marketing strategies

Why do customers not appreciate a large offer at all?  There are many answers to this question. You ought to learn more about them if you create restaurant marketing strategies.

Time is of the essence

People are always busy so they seek quick, simple solutions. No one feels like spending their precious minutes on wondering which meal would be the best for dinner. Especially when that person is starving. Moreover, restaurants are able to prepare meals from a short menu more quickly. It means that the whole experience of the customer becomes less time-consuming.

Familiar means safe

When people are hungry, they want to eat something which they know for sure that will be tasty. This is the main reason why customers often pick a well-known, tried meal. They usually do not really trust anything new with suspicious fancy names.

Healthy lifestyle

Being fit and strong is currently a big trend. People want to stay healthy so they tend to choose high-quality meals. Restaurants with a short menu can always provide customers with fresh dishes because they do not have to store a great variety of diversified ingredients beforehand.

How many are enough

We established that menu definitely should not be overfilled. However, it is also not a great idea to go from one extreme to the other. Bournemouth University conducted a study in order to discover what the perfect numbers of items in restaurant’s offer are. What do the results show?

Fast-food restaurants’ customers liked it best when they got an opportunity to choose from six positions in every category. On the other hand, fans of fine dining were the most satisfied when the restaurant offered a menu with seven starters, ten main dishes, and seven desserts.

Choose convenient online food ordering system

Menu ordering system has a key meaning when it comes to restaurant marketing strategies. Since people nowadays are very likely to order meals online, every good eatery should make it possible for them. Currently, more and more professional restaurants decide to upload the “active menu” on their website. It is operated by modern UpMenu system. Why is it one of especially helpful restaurant marketing strategies?

Thanks to this system, customers have the possibility to order takeout or have their favorite meal delivered in no time. They may also pay for dinner with a credit card if it is the most comfortable for them. What is more, the “active menu” is very easy to update whenever there is a need for this. The restaurant does not have to hire any computer engineers who would have to help.


The restaurant needs to offer less rather than too much in order to get more loyal customers. People prefer short menu because it helps them save time. Moreover, they know that the specific dish is always fresh as well as incredibly yummy. Read more about restaurant menu in our article Restaurant marketing on a plate: what does a menu look like now?

Menu engineering plays a great role on the way to the success of every restaurant. The useful choice here is UpMenu system. Hungry customers seek quick as well as the intuitive service, and this system guarantees both.