Using a simple ordering system should be convenient for you and your customers. The value of the online food delivery service in the USA has doubled in the last two years! (source)

Have you been wondering how to launch a simple ordering system and how it will operate so that it is functional for you, your restaurant employees, and your customers? UpMenu has created a really simple ordering system that is now being used by hundreds of restaurants offering food delivery and takeout service.

Fast implementation of the simple ordering system

The simple ordering system offered by UpMenu can be launched by yourself. You can configure all required features, enter restaurant data, delivery zones, and menu in a few simple steps. The UpMenu system can be tested for free to find out how great this solution really is for your restaurant.

If you don’t have a restaurant website yet, you can develop it easily with the UpMenu online ordering system. Online ordering can also be implemented easily on an existing restaurant website so you can start earning money immediately by offering food delivery and takeout service.

simple ordering system

Choose a subscription plan that will meet your needs best as well as additional features such as a loyalty program for restaurants and a mobile app. As opposed to food ordering portals, you will only pay a small subscription fee for the UpMenu simple ordering system, instead of commission that increases endlessly.

The “MENU” on your restaurant website will also change to a menu that makes it possible to place orders online. This way, your customers will be able to order food delivery services directly from the restaurant website or mobile app, thanks to the simple ordering system.

simple ordering system

Simple placement and acceptance of orders

When using the simple ordering system on your restaurant website or mobile app, your customers will be able to choose meals while seeing your entire menu and adding products to their cart. Additional features such as recommending other products and extras will increase the value of a single order.

Additionally, you can offer special deals and discount vouchers to your customers, which you can create in the simple ordering system. This will make them order more food more often.

simple ordering system

An order placed by a customer will be sent directly to your restaurant. You can collect it in the administrative panel of the UpMenu simple ordering system on a tablet or iPad as soon as you hear a sound notification. You can then accept or reject it. When you accept an order, you specify its processing time. When you reject it, you give the customer a reason for doing so.

The customer will receive an order confirmation with processing time from you in real time, or the reason for rejection. The simple ordering system also collects automated reviews for you. Each customer will be asked about your food quality and food delivery service.

simple ordering system

Additional features of the simple ordering system

Building a newsletter database automatically

The simple ordering system aims to perform your work for you by building a newsletter database for you automatically. When placing an order, each customer will be asked for their consent to marketing contact. The database belongs entirely to you.

simple ordering system

All your restaurant online marketing activities in one place

The UpMenu system gives you a completely new set of marketing tools. You can send email and SMS campaigns, create special deals and discount vouchers for customers, and even launch marketing automation. All this can be done very easily too!

All the above features are available in one place, saving you time and money. Simple ordering system helps you in your daily work.

simple ordering system


Use the UpMenu online food ordering system to better organize online orders at your restaurant. Make the process of ordering food delivery and takeout service easy and quick for your customers and also for yourself and your employees.

Try out the UpMenu simple ordering system. See how well this solution will work at your restaurant. Organize the work at your restaurant in a better way and let your customers place orders online easily. Make more money thanks to the simple ordering system.

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