Currently, conducting proper communication on social media channels is a manner of online marketing. However, how to create content so that the guests of your restaurant would like to listen and order?

See what others are doing

Before you start creating content and advertising yourself on the internet, first check how products are advertised the best in the online marketing industry. Regularly browse the Internet for inspiration.

If you want to communicate with customers on Facebook – search for new ideas on Facebook. If you’re looking for inspiration for photos on Instagram – browse Instagram. Check how your competition is advertised and what its effects it has.

It is only when you see what other people are doing that you can consciously choose something for your restaurant.

Create the perfect guest for your restaurant

Think about what your ideal client should be and describe it as accurately as you can. This is very important because it will lead them to all content in online marketing.

Give this person a name, imagine what they look like, and how old they are. Specify how much they earn, what they are interested in, what they expect from the restaurant and the food they order.

For example, let’s say you’re the owner of a sushi restaurant. Your ideal customer may be Jessica, a 30-year-old corporate employee who likes to order sushi for lunch at the office. She earns a lot of money, is interested in photography and modern art. She regularly goes to pilates and likes to take care of herself.

Think about what you want to show and how

If you know that the customer you want to reach is Jessica, think about what content will be the most popular. Online marketing for restaurant has great opportunities to promote restaurants on social media. Find out more about what posts you can create for your restaurant. Read the article How to use 5 formats of Facebook posts in restaurant online marketing?

Plan what you want to show Jessica. Choose photos of your products that will go best for her. Prepare videos and trivia that may interest her.

Also, adjust the communication language. Jessica probably will not want to talk to someone who is not very intelligent or does not know about modern trends. When writing a short post remember to whom you are addressing it.

Divide the content into categories

All content that you have chosen for advertising your restaurant while searching the Internet will most likely be contained in several categories. They will mainly concern your menu and the appearance of your establishment, your team, the products you use in the kitchen, etc.

Content categories will help you systematize written posts and other content to promote your restaurant.

Planning and scheduling in online marketing

Planning specific content cycles and entering them in the publication schedule will make your work easier. Determine that, for example, on Monday you will always plan what content you will publish on specific channels.

You can also schedule them on Facebook right away! It is very easy. With this option you will not have to remember to add specific posts during the week.


If you want to communicate in the best way with your guests, online marketing can help you. Do not forget about looking for inspiration and planning your publications. Your content will be more interesting and you will save time.

If you want to make it easier for customers to order food and build their loyalty even more – contact us. We will help you run your own Facebook online ordering system.