Before you start with any food promotion, it is worth thinking whether a product you want to advertise is actually good. After all, every customer at a restaurant wants to consume top quality food in a friendly atmosphere.

Prior to implementing all your marketing ideas it is worthwhile defining the target group you want to reach with your food promotion. It will be a lot easier to prepare promotional and discount strategies if you learn about the expectations and needs or even the age of your customers.

Below, you can see the most interesting trends that you can implement at your restaurant.

1. Discounts for certain products

Do you offer a product in the menu that you want to promote at a given moment? Would you like to increase its sales? Setting a discount for a particular product or product group in the online food ordering system is a great idea.

Choose the meal in the menu that you want to apply a special deal to, set the discount in the UpMenu system, and notify your customers in the social media channels about the promotion.

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2. Discount for orders exceeding a specific amount

The promotion works similarly to a discount for the second product. When you base your activities on those two strategies, you will make your customers more willing to order more and return to your restaurant.

A discount for orders exceeding a specific amount can be assigned to any products; pizza, sushi, burgers, etc. Everything that is in your restaurant offer. One of our ideas relates to desserts. A customer who places an order for an amount exceeding USD 50.00, receives an automated 10% discount.

3. Restaurant loyalty programs

Restaurant loyalty programmes are the best method for encouraging your customers to order more and more often. Rewarding them will make customers feel important and appreciated. This is how you develop loyalty.

It is worth noting that 30% of restaurants offer various types of loyalty programmes to their customers, while 57% of restaurant customers declare that they are happier to eat in restaurants that offer such a programme. (source).

Launching and using arestaurant loyalty program may seem quite complicated. How will points be applied? How to add points for online orders? Allow us to answer! Thanks to the UpMenu system, you will offer an intuitive and user-friendly loyalty program to your customers. You can read more about this in Restaurant loyalty programs and reward systems.


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4. Discount vouchers

You should know that 85% of Americans use discount vouchers! (source) This evidences that food promotion is a great opportunity for increasing your profit and promoting your online food ordering system on the website or in the mobile application.

When wishing to adjust to the applicable trends, you need to know how to use discounts. We wrote about this in the article entitled Discount vouchers for your customers. You can also send them in emails, text messages or PUSH notifications, or print them on flyers. Another possibility is to offer them, for example, in a contest organised on Facebook.

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5. Happy Hours

When you implement “Happy Hours” at you restaurant, you can acquire new customers and increase the loyalty of your current customers. You can persuade your guests to order more and more often. They will be more willing to buy something from your menu. Would you like to attract more customers to your restaurant? Set up a food promotion that will apply at specific times and notify your customers about it on Facebook, etc.

First, you have to decide the day and the particular hours when customers will have a chance to order food at special prices. You don’t have to worry about your restaurant losing profit due to such activities; you sell products for less but, usually, in bigger quantities.

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Get the necessary knowledge about your customers and focus on their needs and expectations. This way, you will have a greater chance of achieving outstanding results in executing your marketing ideas.

There are many possibilities for creating food promotions and methods of notifying customers about them. With online orders, it will certainly be a lot easier to prepare a special offer.

If you plan to launch an online food ordering system at your restaurant or you are starting from scratch and wish to develop a restaurant website then contact us! We will help you attract new customers and increase the loyalty of your existing ones. Increase your sales and your profits!

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