If you don’t have a system for ordering food online on your restaurant website, change this as soon as possible! Customers won’t always want to visit your restaurant in person. Will you lose them this way? No – check our list of the top online food delivery website template.

1.UpMenu – online food delivery website template

UpMenu offers websites that support restaurant marketing – they multiply sales and are self-sustainable. What makes the templates of this company stand out is the minimalist design that is very user-friendly. No component is redundant here. Using the UpMenu templates is convenient even on mobile devices.

Start using UpMenu (http://www.upmenu.com/).

2. Food Drop – online food delivery website template focusing on content

This is a good solution if you want your website to offer more than just a remote food ordering system. With the Food Drop template, you can also add a blog with articles or a cook book.

Start using Food Drop (https://themeforest.net/item/food-drop-food-ordering-delivery-app/19357492?ref=cirvitis).

3. Fast Gear – courier services for restaurants

If your business is limited to food delivery only, try out the Fast Gear template supplied by WordPress. Immediately after accessing the home page, your customers will learn what services they can expect. Besides a description of the services and contact details, you can also add other elements to the website such as a blog and customer reviews.

Start using Fast Gear (https://themeforest.net/item/fast-gear-courier-amp-delivery-services/19208834?ref=cirvitis).

4. Madang – online food delivery website template for restaurants offering healthy food

This option is offered to restaurants that promote a healthy lifestyle. Madang offers several interesting features. First of all, the customer can choose a dish’s ingredients. Secondly, they can limit search results, e.g. to diet or vegan meals.

Start using Madang (http://preview.themeforest.net/item/madang-healthy-food-delivery-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/18967770?ref=cirvitis&clickthrough_id&redirect_back=true).

5. Food & Pizzeria – refresh the website of your pizza place

Do you manage the best pizza place in town? Try out the Food & Pizzeria template. Besides the “about us” section, photo gallery and menu, you can include a section with a special offer for fans of double cheese, meat extras or for vegetarians.

Start using Food & Pizzeria (https://themeforest.net/item/food-pizzeria-ultimate-delivery-wordpress-theme/13547531).

6. Food Delivery – a simple solution for any restaurant

Are you looking for a traditional template that is intuitive and user-friendly? Food Delivery is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It offers everything that a restaurant website should come with: menu, photo gallery, contact details, information about your company, and reviews from happy customers.

Start using Food Delivery (https://www.templatemonster.com/demo/62172.html?aff=wptemplate).

7. LT Restaurant – functionality in 4 colours

With this template, you can create a fully-responsive website for your restaurant. The use of this template is simplified by the drag&drop function that makes it possible to place a given element on a page by dropping it in a given area.

Start using LT Restaurant (http://demo4.ltheme.com/joomla/lt-restaurant/?u=templatenet).

8. LT Donut – a sweet template for a sweet business

If you manage a cake shop, LT Donut is the best choice. Expose photos of your delicious sweets in the foreground so that nobody can resist them. The character of the website is emphasised by glittering colours.

Start using LT Donut – (http://demo3.ltheme.com/wordpress-one-page-themes/lt-donut/?u=templatenet).

9. Food Court – show customers the quality of your dishes

A website is a place where you can create an image of the best restaurant owner in town. The Food Court template will make this easier for you. Introduce your customers to your talented chefs and their wide portfolios.

Start using Food Court – (https://themeforest.net/item/food-court-restaurant-wordpress-theme/18160242).

10. Asia Garden – functional and innovative design

Asia Garden is a great solution for bars, coffee shops, and restaurants maintained in the style of the Far East. You can add your own menu, an online food ordering system as well as a reservation system.

Start using Asia Garden – (https://themeforest.net/item/asia-garden-asian-food-restaurant/20554743?s_rank=19).


Templates are a simple and effective method for your business to be visible in the world of online restaurant marketing. Choose an original yet simple design that will reflect the true character of your company. Show your best side to your customers!