In 2022 we happily celebrate UpMenu’s 10th birthday. It is not only a full jubilee of our brand, but above of all, 10 years of learning, systematic work, overcoming difficulties together and celebrating successes.

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How it all began?

The UpMenu’s story starts in 2012 in the city heart of Lodz. A small team of 3 people, under the guidance of our CEO Marcin, begin their works on a system for ordering food. They have no specific vision and goal, but they know that they want to create a tool that will help hundreds of restaurateurs in developing their businesses. The way to success is not so easy despite ambition, diligence and engagement, as they assumed at the beginning.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

One year since UpMenu had been founded, everything seemed to be going in the right direction. We gained customers, the team started to grow, we rented an office and invested in our first marketing activities. We were guided by the thought about becoming the undisputed leader in our industry. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned. The company’s development clearly stopped and we were forced to reduce most of the job positions. We resigned from the current headquarters. It was a difficult lesson and an unpleasant experience for us, but certainly necessary for us to move forward with redoubled strength and be reborn like a phoenix from the ashes.

Why we are telling you this openly? Because business not only means success, but mainly painful lessons (we don’t call them failures ) which teach us faster and more efficiently.

Awakening and breakthrough

The end of 2017 is a time of important business decisions. Our cofounders, Marcin and Marek, put everything on one card and with 100% commitment began to set UpMenu a new direction. The risk paid off, as 2018 was a year of many significant changes. We went through a total rebranding. We changed our logo and the design of our website. We simplified the administration panel as much as possible to make it even more user-friendly. We expanded the system with new functionalities – a loyalty program, a restaurant tab and onboarding. We also started to run new marketing activities. In order to be closer to our customers, we launched a chat to answer all questions more efficiently and dispel doubts. And that was not over yet! The same year we launched our website in English, created an admin mobile app and integrated with some third-party systems. Summing up: THERE WAS A LOT GOING ON! We ourselves were and are still impressed by how much we have achieved thanks to the engaged team, the precisely defined direction of our development, the joy of our work and certainly being consequent.

Where we are now?

Definitely there is no room for complacency. On the opposite! We run our business with new energy and even greater motivation. Our team is still growing. We have set ourselves new goals. One of them is to develop our product on a global scale. We are constantly improving our tools, the effect of which is, among others, refreshing the administration panel and releasing a new version of the admin mobile app. We are also intensively working on further modifications, but we are not going to reveal the details yet 🙂

One would like to say that 10 years have passed as one day. On this occasion we wish ourselves the next years of dynamic development, enthusiasm, motivation and the implementation of ambitious plans. As for You, our dear Customers and Partners, we would like to thank you for your cooperation and the trust you have shown.

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Author: Agata Trzaskawka

She works as a Digital Marketing Specialist where she mainly deals with content creation, running marketing projects and monitoring market trends.

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