We’re certain you’re familiar with the idea. You want to increase the popularity of your restaurant website, you prepare a restaurant online marketing strategy that covers a blog and modified layout. You introduce innovations such as the UpMenu system and the possibility of adding reviews and feedback. But you still face a basic problem – you don’t know what results such activities will generate.

Entrepreneurs often forget that marketing activities should be measurable. Only in this way will you find out if your work achieves the intended results. And if doesn’t, you know where to look for the cause and how to change this fact. Find out about 5 key indicators for your restaurant website.

1. Number of visits vs. restaurant online marketing – see how many people browse your website!

You will see the number of users and amount of time they spend on your pages, the time of heaviest traffic, and the components of the website that users find the most interesting. Why would you need such information?

Think about it. With such knowledge, you can check the effectiveness of other activities, e.g. positioning in online search engines. If the popularity of your website increases, you know that your SEO activities are generating the proper results.

Knowing how much time a visitor spends browsing your restaurant website, you can estimate how many people are actually interested in your offer. On this basis, you can take further actions that will convince users that you really do offer what they are looking for.

Information about when the heaviest traffic occurs on the website is a sign that new posts should be published exactly at that time. Furthermore, you can test the popularity of particular website elements. If an article about coffee art attracted a record-high number of users, prepare more similar posts.

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2. Sources of visits – why is it important in restaurant online marketing to know where your customers come from?

What could be the sources of visits to your website? There are several options. Direct visits, visits from search results, from social media profiles or from external services. Why should you check such data?

Because, on this basis, you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. If you think that most site visits are generated by search engines, or the opposite – if the click rate is too low, you can strengthen activities that aim at positioning.

If your customers visits your website through links from social media, it means that they like the content you publish there.

It is worth taking care about acquiring visits from popular external websites: cooking blogs, restaurant search engines, etc. Customers originating from such sources have already decided to buy your products.

3. Mobile traffic – does anyone browse websites on smartphones?

Yes. Quite a lot of people. Currently, approximately 50% of restaurant site visitors are mobile users. We hope that this number convinces you to adjust the website to mobile devices.

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4. Online sales – how much did you manage to sell?

Reports available in the online food ordering system enable you to precisely calculate how many orders you completed within a day, week, month or year. On this basis, you can assess the average sales in a given period and try to analyse when you can anticipate bigger profits.

Check order details, i.e. which products from the menu were the most popular. On this basis, choose a group of popular products and implement them into your promotional activities.

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5. Online sales conversion – do all customers actually make the purchase?

This indicator shows the harsh truth. Not all site visitors will actually become customers. Statistics show that only 2 in every 100 visits end in a purchase. Don’t worry though. Restaurants with the UpMenu system usually achieve as much as 30% conversion!

The conversion indicator for online sales enables you to determine the number of orders placed compared to all site visits. In this way, you can assess whether your marketing activities generate the desired results and if they are worth investing into further.


Controlling and analysing should be an integral part of a restaurant online marketing strategy. With knowledge about the key website indicators, you can plan activities and find out whether the strategy assumptions are effective. Read more about advantages of online food ordering system in the article: 9 advantages of online food ordering for restaurants.