Opening a new restaurant tips – use an online food ordering system All restaurant opening ideas regarding food delivery

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Are you looking for new restaurant tips?

When you are opening a new restaurant, you will have to take many decisions and take care of multiple aspects to start effectively. We understand this.

Let us take care of organising one of the most important sales channels for food – online orders. Launching the UpMenu online food ordering system is simple and will certainly help you earn more and organise work at your restaurant in a better way.

Are you looking for new restaurant ideas?
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A professional restaurant website that really works

A good restaurant website must be self-sustaining. Takt's our tips. Thanks to the UpMenu system, you can build a professional website for free. And if you don’t have time for it, we will take care of everything!

Choose from multiple templates for the website and menu which you can quickly adjust to your brand’s image, changing the colours, adding photos and content.

Earn more!

One of the best restaurant opening ideas is to launch sales on the internet. An online food ordering system is a new sales channel that will generate more orders online. And more orders mean bigger profits!

Earn more!
Your own mobile application for restaurant

Your own mobile application for restaurant

A restaurant mobile app will help you generate even more orders. Just think about it: your restaurant will accompany your customers on their smartphones wherever they go.

The UpMenu system mobile applications are native apps for iOS and Android so that they are effective and intuitive, and more importantly, adjusted to the needs of the restaurant market.

Loyalty programme

When you are looking for restaurant opening ideas, one of the key issues is to find customers who will be happy to return.

A loyalty programme is one of the best tools for building strong customer relations. It will encourage them to return more often and order more, and you will increase your profits.

Loyalty programme
New marketing features

New marketing features

You don’t have time to think about marketing? We will do it for you. We would like to give you a few tips regarding opening a new restaurant.

You can use the following as you wish with our tips:

  • automatic opinion collecting
  • discount coupons
  • cross-selling and up-selling
  • advanced promotions module
  • loyalty program
  • email, SMS, and PUSH campaigns
  • marketing automation

Online booking system

Did you plan to take reservations over the phone? The UpMenu online food ordering system will enable you to take reservations easily through the internet.

Forget about errors when taking table reservations. When you use the booking system supplied by UpMenu, all reservations can be seen in the system. Your team will save time and you can organise their work in a better way.

Online booking system
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Online food ordering portal alternative

When looking for restaurant opening ideas you have certainly thought about cooperating with online food ordering portals.

Such cooperation may well bring you many orders in a short period of time, but keep in mind that this involves paying very high commission fees. When you decide to use the UpMenu system, you will only pay a small subscription fee and you will have full control over all online orders.

Reports that will tell you more

None of the opening a new restaurant tips will work if you are not following and reacting to the sales results on an on-going basis.

The UpMenu online food ordering system will generate automated reports for you. Based on hard data, you can then make well-thought-out business decisions.

Reports that will tell you more

Try it risk free, without obligations.