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Creating a loyalty program

The loyalty program allows you to reward active customers of your restaurant. As an account administrator, you can define how many points the client will receive for the operations performed.

1. Configure the loyalty program by selecting the method of calculating and presenting points

In UpMenu, you can configure the loyalty program by choosing one of two ways to calculate points that can be exchanged for prizes:

  1. Program based on the number of orders, for which it is worth configuring the exchange of points for a reward in the form of a discount – “One point for each accepted order” – the customer will receive 1 point for each order placed.
  2. Program based on the value of orders, for which it is worth configuring the exchange of points for a prize in the form of menu items – “Points for the amount spent” – points are calculated using a converter you define, eg: 1 point for each $ 1 spent.

In addition, you have two options to present your points:

  1. Points
  2. Stamps – after selecting this option, define the maximum number of points (which entitles the customer to receive the prize) and specify the value of stamps in points, eg 1 stamp = 1 point, 1 point = $ 5.00.

See examples of loyalty program configuration.

2. Create a promotion valid for a loyalty program

  1. Add Discounts, remembering to enter the discount value in loyalty points and select the restaurants where it will apply.
  2. Add a Promotion with a description that will be displayed on the website and select the restaurants where it will apply.
    See also how to create promotions and discounts.

3. Choose the method of exchanging points for prizes

In UpMenu, you can enable your customers to exchange points collected in the loyalty program for rewards in the form of a discount or menu items.
See how to exchange points in the loyalty program.


By using the “Loyalty program only for registered customers” option – you allow only registered users to participate in the loyalty program, thanks to registration they can control the status of their points.

Updated on September 16, 2020

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