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Delivery zones

Delivery of orders is an essential part of restaurant acitvity. Calculate your costs and configure delivery zones so as not to lose profits and simplify the ordering process for customers.

Setting a delivery zone

  1. Go to “Restaurant” → “Delivery zones” → “Add delivery zone”.
  2. Choose the zone type – you can choose the “Polygon” or “Circle” → select the chosen area on the map with the drawing tool.
  3. Specify the zone → fill in the “Zone name” and add a delivery fee. Save.
  4. The delivery zones with fees will be seen by your customers on the “Menu” page in the “More” section that is above the basket. 

Testing the delivery zones

Make sure that the zones you have entered are correctly aligned on the map.

  1. Go to “Restaurant”” → “Delivery zones”.
  2. Proceed to more options. Find the icon in the right upper corner → “Test region”.
  3. Enter your restaurant”s address – city, street, the street number → “Search”.
  4. You will see the chosen zone on the map.

Setting a free delivery

Enter a specific order value above which delivery will be free to encourage customers to order more or to reward them for doing so.

  1. Go to “Restaurant” → “Delivery zones”.
  2. Proceed to more options. Find the icon next to the chosen zone → “Edit”→ “Advanced settings”.
  3. Enter the appropriate amount in the “Minimum order value for free delivery” field.
  4. Make sure the slider below is set to “Enabled” which means the delivery zone is on. Save Changes.
  5. The customer will first see the information about free delivery while ordering before the order summary.


In “Advanced settings” of each zone you can see the following additional options:

  • Turning the zone off/on – you can quickly turn off a zone by clicking the “Enabled” button.
  • The Minimum order value – you can add a minimum order value for each zone. Your customers will not be able to order below this amount. 
Updated on July 1, 2020

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