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How to accept and reject orders

Online orders from your website arrive in the “Orders” section in the online food ordering system. This is where you can accept or reject orders. All orders from the last 72 hours are visible.

Acceptance and rejection of orders

  1. Click the “Orders” section in the administration panel.
  2. Then click “Start receiving orders”.
  3. Choose one of the new orders.
    1. If you want to accept an order choose “Accept” and then let the customer know the order processing time.
    2. If you want to reject an order, click “Reject” and provide a reason for rejection.

More information

  • To start collecting orders, you will need access to the internet and a device that supports any internet browser, e.g. a tablet.
  • Orders can be found in the “Orders” section. When a new order arrives, you will hear a loud signal that will go on until you accept or reject an order.
  • Such a sound informing you about a new order will only be heard when you are in the “Orders” section in the administration panel of the UpMenu system. The device you use cannot be allowed to go into sleep mode so you should disable this option. You can also install an application to prevent the device from sleeping.

What the customer will see

When you customer places an order, they will see the order summary along with a message that it was submitted. It will also inform the customer that the confirmation is pending.

When you accept an order, the page with the order summary will be refreshed for the customer and they will see a clock that will count down the specified processing time.

In the case of rejecting an order, the customer will also be notified about this. They will see the reason for rejection. Thanks to this, when the reason for rejection is absence of an ingredient for instance, they can order something else.

Updated on October 30, 2019

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