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How to buy UpMenu

After registering an account, the UpMenu system can be used for free for 30 days. In order to continue using the online food ordering system on your restaurant website, you will need to choose one of the UpMenu subscription plans.

Choosing an UpMenu system subscription plan

  1. In the “Payments” section, choose “Plans”.
  2. Choose “Select” under the subscription plan of your choice.
  3. Choose additional products for the online food ordering system and click “Next”.
  4. Choose invoicing details and click “Next”.
  5. Add your card details.

online food ordering system

Subscription plans


With the Basic plan, you can handle up to 90 orders per month. The Basic Plan costs $49 per month.


The Standard Plan covers processing of up to 250 online orders per month. The Standard Plan costs $89 per month.


Choosing the Premium Plan allows you to handle unlimited numbers of online orders without additional costs. At the same time, you can launch a [restaurant loyalty program] free of charge. The Premium Plan costs $169 per month.

Additional information

  • Each order beyond the limit in the Basic and Standard Plans will cost $ …
  • Costs of additional products you choose will be added to your subscription for the online food ordering system.
  • Payments for the online food ordering system will be collected from your card automatically every month.
Updated on June 3, 2019

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