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How to configure loyalty program

With the UpMenu online food ordering system, you can create and manage a loyalty program and reward system. To do this, you need to additionally choose loyalty program, in your subscription plan.

How to create a loyalty program and reward system

  1. In the “Marketing” section, choose and click “Loyalty program”.
  2. Fill out the form and choose the method of assigning and presenting points. Check “Active”.
  3. Save your changes.

How can the customer receive the reward?

Promotion in exchange for points

A customer can receive a reward automatically. Create a promotion that will contain a discount with the following option: “Discount cost in loyalty points” – enter the number of points that the customer needs to collect to receive a reward. The promotion will be granted to a customer automatically when all its conditions are met. See how to create a discount and promotion.

Products from the menu in exchange for points

Each of your products in the online food ordering system can be purchased for money or for loyalty points. All you have to do is enter the number of points a given item costs in the product settings.

In such a case, points will be collected automatically when the customer adds a product to their cart, but perhaps the customer does not want to use their loyalty program points right away.

You can add a category in the menu with products that you promote in the loyalty program by adding a price in points to them. The customer can then redeem the points when they want to.

Methods of applying points

  • “One point for each accepted order” – the customer will receive 1 point for each order placed.
  • “Points for the amount spent” – points are calculated by means of a converter you define, e.g.: 1 point for every $1.00 spent.

Methods of presenting points

  • Points – after placing an order, the customer will see how many points they received.
  • Stamps – after placing an order, the customer will see their stamps. When you choose this option, you have to define the maximum number of points (that will entitle the customer to receiving a reward) and determine the value of stamps in points, e.g. 1 stamp = 1 point, 1 point = $3.00.

More information

  • “Loyalty program only for registered customers” – only registered users can take part in a loyalty program. Thanks to this, they can control the status of their points.
  • “Do not collect points when another promotion was achieved” – the customer will not receive points or stamps when a promotion has been used.
  • “Count delivery cost as loyalty points” – the UpMenu system will convert delivery costs into points for the customer.
  • After creating a loyalty program and reward system with stamps, you can add your stamp design. By default, this will be a check mark in the colour that is dominant in your restaurant menu theme. You can change it by clicking its symbol next to the loyalty program.
Updated on May 5, 2020

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