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How to create coupon discount

The UpMenu online food ordering system makes it possible to create discount vouchers for your customers quickly and easily. Thanks to this, you can increase sales at your restaurant and reward your customers.

Creating a discount voucher

  1. Create a discount that will define how the voucher will work – see how here How to create a discount.
  2. Choose “Coupons” in the “Marketing” section. Click “New coupon” in the top right corner and fill out the pop up form.
  3. Choose a discount that will be applied using the voucher. Check “Active” to activate the voucher and save your changes.
  4. Check if the voucher works. Try to place an order using the voucher code.

Additional settings

One voucher, or more?

You can specify how many vouchers you want to create in the pop up form.

  • One coupon – online food ordering system for creating one voucher with a random code.
  • More coupons – for creating more vouchers with a random code – this option is good if you are generating flyers with vouchers.

How many coupons can be used

Enter how many times the [UpMenu system] will apply the discount (e.g. you may want the voucher to be redeemed only by the first 100 customers, or by one customer to be used 5 times, etc.)

Coupon type

  • One-time discount – the discount will only be applied to an order with a used code
  • Customer gets permanent discount – the discount will be assigned to the email address used in the order with a particular code, and will work as a permanent discount

Active from / Active to

If you want the voucher to be valid only for a specific period, enter the validity date.

Choose restaurant where this coupon can be used

If you manage a restaurant chain and the voucher is to be valid only at selected locations, choose them.

Availability on devices

You can specify whether the discount is to be available only on the restaurant website or in the mobile app.

Divide vouchers into groups to measure their effectiveness better

Discount vouchers in the online food ordering system can be divided into groups to measure their results better. Create a separate group with vouchers, flyers, text message codes, etc.

Collecting vouchers into groups will make it possible to download them to a csv or excel file. You can also edit all vouchers right away within one group simultaneously, instead of editing them separately. In this case, you have to assign a new discount and limit for quantity of vouchers redeemed.

Creating discount vouchers goup

  1. In the “Discounts vouchers”, in the top left corner, choose “New group”.
  2. Assign a name to the group and description, if necessary.
  3. Save your changes.
Updated on October 8, 2019

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