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How to manage product addons

The possibility to add addon to particular dishes in the online food ordering system can be very useful. Addon can include pizza ingredients, dips, vegetables on a burger or in sushi. Everything depends on the type of restaurant you manage and what you want to offer your customers.

Step 1 – Create product addons

  1. Go to the “Menu” section.
  2. Add a new product category that will only include products displayed as addon. See how to add a product category to the menu.
  3. When creating a group, check “Category is not visible directly on the menu”.
  4. Add products that will be displayed as addon along with prices in the created group. See how to add products to a product group.

This way, you have now created a product category in the online food ordering system that will include addon for selected dishes. If you want to create various types of addon because you serve pizza and burgers and each of them will offer different addon, simply create two groups.

Step 2 – Add addons to the product

When you have already created a group of addon and included particular products in it, you should add the possibility of choosing them with particular dishes on the menu. Otherwise, your customers will not be able to order them.

  1. Go to the “Menu” section.
  2. Choose “Create product addon” next to the product you want to configure.
  3. Fill out the subsequent fields.
  4. Click “Save”.

More information

  • You can choose addon that will be checked by default in the menu (e.g. for pizza). In the “Default selected addons” choose addon that are to be checked by default.
  • You can reduce the price after the default extra is removed, thanks to the “Remove price” option. In such a case, the online food ordering system will subtract the price from the dish cost but it cannot be lower than the price you set for a given item in the menu (including all addon). The system can also reduce the price even below the cost of a given product in the menu. Check the “Remove price even below base product price”.
  • In the “Minimum amount” and “Maximum amount” fields, you can set minimum and maximum amounts of addon your customer can choose.
  • “Minimum product value” and “Maximum product value” enable you to limit the value of addon your customer can add to an item.
  • “Exclude the possibility of any quantity changes in the products” makes it impossible for the customer to configure the number of default addon for a given product.
  • Thanks to “Disable the ability to “remove” default products”, you can make it impossible for the customer to remove the default addon. In such a case, it is only possible to add new addon.
Updated on October 8, 2019

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