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How to manage product availability

Your menu may include dishes that you want to offer on select days and at certain times.  The UpMenu online food ordering system gives you the possibility of choosing the days on which a given product is available.

Setting availability

  1. Go to the “Menu” section and choose “Manage Menu”. Choose “Edit” from the dropdown list next to a product/
  2. Expand advanced settings and find “Available on certain days and at a specific time”
  3. After checking it, a list of days will appear. To select the day on which the product is available, click on the respective slider.
  4. When you choose availability of a product on a given day, the option of choosing availability times will appear.
  5. Save your changes.

Additional information

  • You can hide the product beyond its availability times. In such a case, the product will not be visible.
  • Without choosing this option, the product will be visible at all times. If the customer wants to order it beyond its availability times, it will not be available and the order will not be processed.
Updated on June 5, 2019

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