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How to manage user permissions

The UpMenu online food ordering system makes it possible to create numerous system users for your restaurant and also assign different rights to them.

online food ordering system

Managing user rights

  1. In the “Settings” section, choose “Users”.
    1. To edit rights or user data, click “Edit” on the drop-down list on the right, next to a given user.
    2. To delete a user from the online food ordering system, click “Remove” on the drop-down list, next to a given user.
  2. Save your changes.

The most frequent configurations of user rights

Owner configuration

The owner has access to all sections in all restaurants.

online food ordering system

Manager configuration

The manager has access to all sections at his/her restaurant, except the section with a choice of the subscription plan and payments.

online food ordering system

Personnel configuration

Limited access to sections. Usually, they can only collect orders.

online food ordering system

Updated on June 5, 2019

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