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How to send an email campaign

Benefit from the possibility of sending email campaigns in the UpMenu online food ordering system and increase the number of online orders.

Creating email campaigns

  1. Choose “Email campaigns” in the “Marketing” section,
  2. Click “New campaign” in the top right corner,
  3. Fill out the form for creating email campaigns,
  4. Then, you can save the campaign as draft. Click “Save as a draft” or launch campaign immediately, by clicking “Save and send”.

Additional information

  • The UpMenu online food ordering system will send campaigns to all your customers who granted consent for restaurant marketing contact.
  • You can set any name as the sender. The default sender address for the mailing will be: “notifications@upmenu.com”. If the email address of the restaurant is verified in DNS settings, you can specify this in place of the default.
  • You can add graphical elements to the message.
  • The cost of sending one email is $ 0,2 and will be added to the upcoming invoice for the online food ordering system.
  • You can also send a test email to check if the message looks as it should. Click “Send test SMS” in the top right corner of the form and enter the number to which it should be sent.
  • When you save the email campaign as a draft, you can always return to it and edit it later.
Updated on October 30, 2019

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