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What can you find in the “Menu” section

In the “Menu” section of the online food ordering system, you can edit the menu and price lists of your restaurant.

online food ordering system

In the UpMenu system, the menu contains information about all your products and price lists. You will find out how to manage your menu in the online food ordering system from this article: How to manage the menu. In the “Menu” section, you can also create new menus for your restaurant by clicking on “Create new menu”.

Price lists

Prices lists contain all the information about product prices and help you manage the prices in a simple way, e.g. during different seasons or at different locations if you manage a restaurant chain. Find out more about price lists in the following article: How to manage price lists in the online ordering system.

Each of the price lists is assigned to the menu. Their structure you can see on a list available in the “Menu” section.

online food ordering system


Updated on May 14, 2019

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